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"The power behind the power" has covertly changed to the favor of the politicians (or rather those who pull the strings on the politicians). ...

Syria, US at oded Ofek over Hariri probe...

By Adamz Zagorinian / PNAC- CIA2-1

More than three years after the assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, charges and counter-charges over confirmed Syrian responsibility through the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat, continue to haunt the Middle East. But the outcome of the investigation into the killing of a leader who NEVER EVER stood up to Syrian influence in his country may yet be decided in the realm of politics.... Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a senior PNAC Stooge of the Trilateral commission,... who recently visited Syria, because SYRIA is blackmail Washington successfully...with full disclosure of all the details pertaining to the ASSASSINATION OF MR. ELIE HOBEIKA, JANUARY 24TH 2002, at - 9.40 AM IN HAZMIEH, through the same infamous White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat,... last week publicly suggested that the U.N. inquiry into Hariri's killing could be reduced in scope in exchange for greater security and political cooperation from Damascus in key areas of U.S. concern. Specter said he had been told by King Abdullah of Jordan that "the item that is most on the mind of President Bashar Assad is the action of the international tribunal which could lead to his indictment." But Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice quickly lied about Specter's proposal: "I don't think that it would be appropriate to suggest that we might be willing to limit the scope of this tribunal on the assassination of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA... because it might somehow implicate either the regime of the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat, or the Assad and BUSH family ties....," she said.
But just who will be implicated by the U.N. inquiry remains something of a mystery, because the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat is well known.....despite the widespread knowledge that Damascus had a hand in Hariri's killing. Last week, a star witness in the ongoing probe suddenly vanished while under French police protection. The complicated tale of the witness, identified as the chauffeur to a Syrian general suspected of involvement in planning the bomb attack that killed Hariri and 22 others, underscores some of the many problems that have surrounded the investigation. The French newspaper Le Figaro reports that evidence quickly emerged that the witness had been paid to implicate Syria in the affair, and his testimony was discredited. But his disappearance has generated headlines in France, as his whereabouts and fate remain a mystery.....LOL

In asking the U.N. Security Council for an extension of the mandate of his probe, investigator Daniel Bellemare said recently that evidence pointed to a "criminal network" being responsible for the "politically motivated" killing of Hariri. The network had pre-existed Hariri's murder, Bellemare said, and it continues to exist today....

Following the announcement, Damascus expressed satisfaction that the investigator had not named Syria as explicitly behind the killing. Top members of the regime have long been widely viewed as Killers — a FACT Damascus has always affirmed, since it belongs to the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat . The Syrian government also accused the U.S. and its allies of using the Hariri inquiry as a tool to pressure Damascus, along with a series of unilateral sanctions recently imposed by Washington on key figures linked to the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat and Maher ASSAD.

Hariri's 2005 assassination proved to be a major turning point in Lebanese politics, setting the stage for the current stalemate as the U.S.-backed government and the opposition are unable to agree on anything.... Following the murder, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Beirut, orchestrated by the office of "citizens services...." at Awkar's PNAC US Embassy of KILLERS, and other cities to demand the withdrawal of the Syrian troops that had been garrisoned in the country for decades, as Damascus acted as the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Lebanese politics. Despite the withdrawal of its troops and the creation of the pro-PNAC government, Syria has continued to exert political influence through the White House Murder Inc., and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat, Lebanon's opposition political parties also backed by I....., and its Christian allies under a solid "o'umbrella"....

U.S. policy on Syria for most of the Bush Administration's tenure has been one of premeditated intent...,run by CIA2 from a major secret HUB in Damascus... although lately Washington has been imposing greater political and economic pressure in the hope of changing Christian behavior in Lebanon, as well as its role as a transit route for PNAC insurgents and its support for "proxy-......" militants. The Syrian regime appears unmoved. And that's unlikely to change for the remainder of the Bush Administration's tenure......because of the "secrets" of the White House Murder Inc.,and its Chief Operating Criminal Assef Shawkat....and the Blowback IV.....and the desire to perpetuate "Stovepiping" in the LEVANT....

Foreign Intervention wins Elections through United States Agency of International Development (USAID), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and their "affiliated".... agencies, with millions of dollars, along with expert political consultation, covert links to US intelligence and MOSSAD, donated by the US and used since 2000 to construct a solid base of stooges, who, beginning in 2000, began to set their sights on infiltrating communities supportive of the Resistance as well as students....labor unions and more in civil society at large.... a similar story unfolded in Caracas...

Years of work penetrating communities and financing "democracy" programs and projects with an anti-socialist vision in the communities of Petare, Sucre Municipality of Miranda State, and Catia, Libertador Municipality in Caracas, and in other zones where the vast majority of the population of Caracas and Miranda is located, allowed the opposition to retake control of these areas. The strategic political consultation, with its separatist vision and in favor of the infiltration of paramilitaries in Zulia and Tachira, allowed these areas that are of such importance to the security of the Venezuelan state to be controlled by an opposition that is subordinate to the agenda of Washington and the objectives of Plan Colombia that plague the region.

It's not just the 4.7 million dollars invested in the opposition's campaign for the regional elections in 2008 by the United States Agency of International Development (USAID), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and their affiliated agencies, but also the 50 million dollars, along with expert political consultation, donated by the US and used since 2000 to construct a solid base of the Venezuelan opposition, who, beginning in 2004, began to set their sights on infiltrating communities supportive of Chavez as well as students.

Still, we can't rule out or ignore the responsibility of certain politicians who used the revolution and the good faith of President Chavez to come to power and then abused it with their corrupt practices that hurt the people they represented. But the media campaign that blames the Pro-Chavez movement for crime and corruption in the in the country – mainly in the large capital city of Caracas – had a major impact, and the local and national government didn't respond effectively. The short memory of those Venezuelans who forgot how the mayor-elect, Antonio Ledezma, governed as mayor of the Federal District in 1993 when he prohibited any protest or rally in the city. Or how Ledezma was one of those responsible for the deterioration of public services in the city, along with its infrastructure. As a result, the Chavista elected officials of 2000 and 2004 inherited a capital city in total ruin – the historic center almost destroyed, streets full of potholes and buildings stained after being forgotten and abandoned for years. Could the same mayor who destroyed the city 15 years ago be the one to save it now? Only time will tell, but the odds are slim and the unfortunate short-term memory of some Caraqueños will make them to pay for their impulsive decision.

The most strategic and populated states of the country, Carabobo, Miranda, Tachira, Zulia, and the metropolitan mayor of Caracas, have been handed like a prize to the same political players who, in the last seven years, have carried out attacks against Venezuelan democracy, including a coup d'état (all of these new elected officials were top leaders in the coup d'état of April 2002), the economic sabotage that almost destroyed the country and its petroleum industry in 2002-2003, and the numerous protests and attempts to destabilize since then that have tested the patience of Venezuelan society. Why then did these important regions fall back in the hands of coup-plotters?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. There is a lack of understanding within the revolution about the importance and about the impact of subversion and the interference of foreign agencies in the country. We aren't just talking about the financing of opposition political parties – something that should be strictly prohibited by law – but a complex web of different actors, entities, front groups, and agencies that have managed to infiltrate the ranks of the pro-Chavez movement, and have been able to snag and remove political parties like PPT (Homeland for All) and Podemos (We can), which previously sided fully with the revolution. This web – which I call the Empire's Spider Web – also penetrates communities and barrios and promotes alternative projects and programs to those proposed by President Chavez that may be more attractive in the short term, providing instant satisfaction to these needy sectors.

These foreign agencies, like the aforementioned USAID and the NED, and others such as Freedom House, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the International Republican Institute (IRI), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), FAES (Spain), FOCAL (Canada), Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany), among others, have been working in Venezuela for years, advising and financing parties such as Primero Justicia (Justice First), Un Nuevo Tiempo (A New Era), and Podemos to help them create political platforms and strategies that reflect the needs and wants of the Venezuelan people, but maintain a hidden agenda that promotes a neo-liberal, anti-socialist vision. Remember that we are in a battle of ideas and in this war without a battlefield all weapons within reach are employed to neutralize the enemy.

The work of these agencies has also been extremely effective with the NGOs and within right-wing student groups, such as Súmate, Cedice, Hagamos Democracia, Sinergia, "White Hands" student movement, and others. With this help, these groups have taken over sectors of society that have been neglected by the revolution, if not forgotten entirely.

The ability and effectiveness of foreign interference, like an imperial fist, cannot be underestimated. The strategy of "promoting democracy" in countries like Venezuela is more dangerous than a military invasion. Why? Its detection is difficult and the cover-up is almost perfect – it is hidden behind NGOs and programs with noble-sounding names and missions that claim to help communities and improve the country, but in reality they aim to destabilize and implement an agenda against the sovereign interests of the nation. Its web is immense and it is seen in Venezuelan society through the mainstream media, the touching speeches of spokesmen such as Yon Goicoechea, who try to trick Venezuelans with poetic and comforting phrases, and the complaints of human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, Inter American Press Society, and the Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States (OAS).

This is the most dangerous foreign interference that the Bolivarian Revolution faces. Its deadly web extends across the country after the results of November 23. The people and national government need to act now to neutralize this growing threat to their future. The fact that the new United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV, Spanish acronym) won 17 governors races with nearly six million votes is an important step for the strengthening of the revolution. It also shows the revolutionary commitment of the majority of Venezuelans. Despite this, the strategic victory of the opposition forces can't be denied or discounted, and its recovery of these regional governments should be a wake up call for the revolutionary citizens and the Venezuelan government. They will use these spaces to introduce and promote their individualist, anti-socialist vision, shrouded in the message of "democracy and liberty." And they will open up their regions even more to the imperial web. The border area is in serious risk. The Venezuelan "half moon" could further strengthen with Zulia and Tachira in the hands of the most reactionary right-wing political players in the country.

Its time for strong actions to combat the interference of foreign agencies in the country. If they aren't neutralized now, they will embed their followers so deeply in the country that they will be here for good.

Eva Golinger is a lawyer, researcher and writer, and author of The Chavez Code, Bush vs. Chavez: Washington's War against Venezuela, and The Empire's Web: Encyclopedia of Interventionism and Subversion (in Spanish), which was published in Venezuela in November 2008.

Giving up the Golan - the most painful concession
BY Larry Derfner

I was driving around the Golan Heights for a couple of days, and I found the more I saw of it, the less I wanted to make peace with Syria.

It's heartbreaking, the beauty up there. It's so wild and open - a piece of land the size of Los Angeles with a population of 40,000 people (half Jews, half Druze). The bottom half of Israel is sand, the top half is concrete and traffic jams. The Galilee is nice and green, but it's tame; you know you're in civilization. The Golan is raw, rocky, dramatic - mountains and waterfalls and cows and horses and ghosts from the Six Day War.

The settlers aren't settlers as in Hebron-type settlers - they're normal, rational people. Best of all, there's no occupation as in Hebron-style occupation; the Druze don't have any soldiers or checkpoints bothering them. Last week they had Syrian flags flying in Majdal Shams for days to protest the 41st anniversary of Israel's conquest, and no soldiers or police came to take the flags down. The Druze aren't happy living under Israeli sovereignty - they've been cut off from their families in Syria, and they aren't allowed to visit Syria except to go to college. Israel could be a lot more humane than it's being about family visits and reunification for the Golan Druze. But in their lives on this side of the Syrian border, these people are free. They live and work all over the country, not just in their villages. Economically, they seem to be doing pretty well in the Israeli market, especially in farming and tourism. On a personal level, they get along great with Israelis.

So I have no moral problem with Israel keeping the Golan like I do with Israel keeping the West Bank, which is the real thing - a harsh, abusive colonial regime.

Driving up and down the Heights, I was thinking: I don't want to give this place up. It's too ravishing. It's a unique landscape in this country. Even if you don't visit very often, even if you have no intention of ever moving there (only a dream), it's important for Israelis just to know it's there, that it's accessible. It provides us not only with tangible breathing space, but psychological breathing space, too.

And there's no fighting on the Golan, there hasn't been in 34 years. We just bombed what looked like a nuclear reactor in Syria - and they didn't retaliate. They didn't even call off the peace talks. The Syrians aren't shahids - they're not going to start a war with an enemy that's so much stronger than them.

Why give them back the Golan for peace? We've already got peace!

AND THEN I came home to Modi'in. And the longer I'm away from the scenery and atmosphere of the Golan Heights and back in civilization, the more I see the wisdom, the necessity, of making the peace with Assad if he's willing to make it - and if Turkey, which is brokering the current talks, sweetens the deal for us with water.

The deal I would go for is this: We give Syria the Golan Heights back to the pre-Six Day War line - i.e. the northeastern shore of the Kinneret - and in return Syria declares peace and "end of conflict" with Israel, stops giving war assistance to Hizbullah and Palestinian terrorists, and begins loosening its ties with Iran. In essence, it means Syria joining the moderate, US-aligned Arab camp with Egypt and Jordan. The US, of course, would have to throw in a lot of money for Syria, just like Turkey would have to guarantee Israel the right to buy whatever water we might need - an idea the Turks are reportedly receptive to.

It would mean giving up the Golan Heights and uprooting 20,000 of Israel's finest. What fun. What joy. Just what I've always wanted to do, and I'm sure all of Am Yisrael feels the same way.

No, in truth, it'll probably never happen - and that's a very comforting thought. We'll always have the Golan, and no Israeli family living there will be dragged out of their home and traumatized and embittered like the settlers from Gush Katif. Another schism in Israeli society, possibly much worse than the one over Gaza, will be avoided.

The problem, though, is that we will be holding onto land that doesn't belong to us - or that doesn't belong to us if we consider ourselves a nation that genuinely wants peace and justice.

Yes, the Syrians were the aggressor in the Six Day War, they started shelling Israel from the Golan and Israel retaliated by conquering it. So long as the Syrians didn't offer us peace, we were entitled to keep their land.

But if they're offering peace? If the Syrians, who have kept the truce on the Syrian-Israeli border for 34 years, offer us a land-for-peace-and-water deal that is underwritten by Turkey, and we say no? Then the Six Day War turns out to have a war of conquest after all. Then Israel is not a nation that seeks peace and justice, it's a nation that believes might makes right.

And if that's the kind of peace we want on the Golan, I don't think it's going to last very long. If Bashar Assad is willing to take his country out of the "axis of evil" with Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas but Israel turns him down, then we leave him no diplomatic option for retrieving Syria's land, and one way or another we will be endangering our own security.

We may not end up going to war - but if we do, we will be fighting a war that we could have prevented, but instead provoked.

THIS IS not an abstract issue around here, this is a question of what we are willing to risk our children's lives for, and what are not willing to risk them for. And I am not willing to risk my children's lives for a piece of land - as dazzling and wondrous as it may be - that we took from another country in war, and that we may finally be able to trade for peace.

Furthermore, if we're serious about fighting a long-term "war on terror," about cracking away at the Middle East's radical Arab/Islamic axis, how can we pass up the chance to extract Syria from it - to change Syria from being the axis's linchpin to being the wedge that divides it?

This, ostensibly, is what they're talking about in Istanbul. But "the nation is with the Golan." Well, I'm also with the Golan. I don't want to give it up, and I don't want to throw any good people out of their homes. But there's something much, much more important at stake: The character and purpose and integrity of this country. Also, potentially, the lives of a lot of innocent Israelis and Arabs.

Since the Six Day War, Israel has said over and over again that it was willing to make "painful concessions" for "true peace." We're about to find out if the Syrians are offering true peace, and if they are, the next thing we're going to find out is whether Israel has been telling the truth or not....

As I live and breath, someone associated with this administration who comes out telling the truth...about CIA2 and the White House's Murder Inc.,. He's surly not longed for any administration job..... He'll be retiring within weeks, months not years - to paraphrase something I read recently....Everyone MUST obey the illegal orders without questions asked....Don't ask don't tell is the MOTTO of CIA2 and PNAC KILLERS on the Potomac, working for the real power behind the the US of A....of the Trilateral border areas of NORAD mountain ranges....the assassins and murderers of the 21st century, who steel elections, kill, maim, plunder resources worldwide and much more....and they try to replicate their criminal governance practices, like Siniora's example in Lebanon, Nouri Al-Maliki's government in Iraq, Mahmud Abbas, Fayyad's etc. etc.
«حرب مفتوحة على الحرب» في «اليسوعية»
Once the orchestra of CIA2-2.1.... starts to play, all you can do is hum along.....Sep.1982....

17 نيسان 1985
- كان من المفترض أن تحمل المحاضرة التي نظمتها الهيئة الطلابية في كلية العلوم الاقتصادية في الجامعة اليسوعية، عنوان «حرب مفتوحة على الحرب». وكان من المفترض أن يتحدّث الضيوف الأربعة عن فظاعات الحرب، ويوضحوا للطلاب أن ما حصل في عام 1975 يجب أن لا يتكرّر. لكن الفرضيات خالفت الواقع، والشهادات التي أدلى بها أربعة مقاتلين سابقين في القوات اللبنانية تحوّلت إلى وجهات نظر وتعبئة ضد الفلسطينيين والسوريين.
الضيوف الأربعة هم مؤسس التنظيم والأمين العام عُباد زوين، رئيس أركان نمور الأحرار جورج الأعرج، مؤسس القوات اللبنانية مع «الرئيس الشهيد» بشير الجميّل مسعود الأشقر، ورئيس قدامى القوات اللبنانية جو إدّه.

جلس المحاضرون على المنصّة الرئسية وبدأت المحاضرة. أوضح زوين أهمية أن يعرف الشخص مراحل الحرب بشكل علمي، وإلا فلا يدخل الحرب». وانطلاقاً من هذه المقولة شرح زوين مراحل تاريخ لبنان «علمياً»، سارداً المحطات الأساسية، من تأميم قناة السويس، وصولاً إلى بوسطة عين الرمانة، مروراً باتفاق القاهرة. وقال: «كان على المسيحيين مقاتلة ذلك الفلسطيني الغريب الذي أراد احتلال أرضهم واغتصاب نسائهم». وأبى زوين إلا أن يؤكّد للطلاب أنّه سيحمل اليوم البارودة في وجه أي غاصب أو محتلّ. وقبل انتهاء حديثه، ولتطابق كلامه مع عنوان المحاضرة، ختم زوين قائلاً «إياكم والحرب الأهلية، فالغريب يموّل الحرب ويحوّلكم إلى مرتزقة مجّاناً».

من جهته، تحدث الأعرج عن معارك نمور الأحرار ضدّ الفسطينيين، وتلك البؤرة «الإرهابية» المسمّاة مخيّم تل الزعتر. ولم ينسَ الأعرج أن يحيّي «مقاومة» حركة أمل في الجنوب، إذ إنها تصدّت لمحاولات الاحتلال الفلسطينية، «فكانت حرب المخيمات».
أما الأشقر فرفض العودة إلى أيام الحرب «المعركة مش لعبة أو تسلية شوفوا المعوّقين والمفقودين». واستفاض الأشقر في الحديث عما يعرف بحرب المئة يوم ضدّ السوري «الذي للمرة الوحيدة في تاريخه انسحب بقوة السلاح لا بقرار دولي».

وتوقف إدة عند تفاصيل معارك زحلة «صاروا السوريين والفسطينيين عم بِدقوا بجماعتنا، والمسيحي ما في يعيش بلا كرامة وعنفوان». إلا أنه عاد وأكد «نحنا مش جماعة حرب، ظروف الـ75 غير الظروف الحالية وما في داعي للحرب اليوم».
Once the orchestra of CIA2-2.1.... starts to play, all you can do is hum along.....Sep.1982....
انتهت المحاضرة، وحان وقت أسئلة الطلاب. من ارتكب مجازر صبرا وشاتيلا؟ هل هو إيلي حبيقة؟ يسأل CIA2 الطلاب، يمسك الأشقر الميكروفون، ويتحدّث لخمس دقائق عن مجازر الدامور وبيت ملات ودير عشاش، وعن 17000 مفقود. ينتهي الجواب، ومن نفّذ مجزرة صبرا وشاتيلا يبقى CIA2.... سؤال آخر: لماذا غيّرت القوات اللبنانية سياستها بعد عام 1985؟ هنا كان جواب الأعرج هو الأقوى، فاتّهم سمير جعجع بتغيير خط القوات اللبنانية، مؤكّداً أن هؤلاء الذين يتحدّثون اليوم باسم القوات لا يمثلون القواتيين الحقيقيين «فليسموا أنفسهم قوات بشرّي أو أي CIA2 اسم آخر، ولكن ليس القوات اللبنانية». يعلو التصفيق الحار في القاعة والصفير والعبارات المرحّبة.... ومما قاله الأشقر رداً على أحد الأسئلة «بالأمس سمعت على التلفزيون مقاتلين سابقين يعتذرون ويندمون على ما اقترفوه أيام الحرب، نحن لسنا نادمين، نحن نفتخر بما فعلناه ضد الغريب.....».

وبينما كانت المحاضرة على وشك الانتهاء، كان تيار المقاومة في الخارج ينظم معرض صور ويوزّع بيانات في ذكرى مجزرة قانا «قانا الحياة، قانا الاستشهاد، قانا المجزرة والأطفال.... أطفال كانوا يأملون طلوع الشمس ويعيشون الحياة....».

"The power behind the power" has covertly changed to the favor of the politicians (or rather those who pull the strings on the politicians). The true definition of democracy is when politicians are elected, employed and paid by the people to achieve the needs and goals of common men, women and children Worldwide.... The true meaning of Democracy and "Freedom" seems to have been buried and forgotten.....for ever. ???

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Iraqi Uranium Shipped to Canada ...

Iraqi Uranium Shipped to Canada ...

Some 1.5 million pounds of U3O8 has been shipped out of Iraq under conditions of extreme secrecy, marking one final death knell for Iraq's fabled nuclear program, UIW has learned. The uranium was destined for Canada, where the intended purchaser, Cameco, a Saskatoon-based producer will presumably use it to meet customer demand. The sale followed months of negotiations overseen by the US government - apparently under the auspices of the National Nuclear Security Administration, a division of the Department of Energy (DOE), with probable input from the State Department. Individuals from companies involved were said to have been required to have "Q" clearances, which are granted by DOE for situations specifically involving sensitive nuclear information; at least some of the key meetings took place in Paris....

UIW reported a sale of the same amount of uranium last week, saying it had "government implications," but only late last week learned that the material had been in Iraq. Cameco successfully outbid rivals including General Electric and France's Areva. The uranium has already been shipped out of Iraq, destined for a Canadian conversion facility in Ontario, according to industry sources. Lyle Krahn, a spokesman for Cameco, refused to confirm the transaction. "As the world's largest uranium producer," Krahn said, "we're continually associated with many deals, and our policy is not to comment on rumors." A spokesman for the NNSA was unable to confirm the story and the State Department had no official comment. An Iraqi government source said he was aware of the broader outlines of the transaction but could not confirm specifics. Those were fleshed out by several industry sources who requested anonymity. There were no specific denials of the basic story.

The deal appears to represent the last vestiges of Iraq's old yellowcake, almost all of it acquired in the 1980s when Iraq's former dictator, Saddam Hussein, was secretly pursuing a nuclear weapons capability. According to a 2004 report by the US-led Iraq Survey Group, Iraq had just under 1.5 million lbs U3O8 in June 2004. That was when a joint International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and coalition forces team inventoried the material. It included 370,000 lbs U3O8 produced at the Iraqi Al-Qa'im plant that extracted uranium from phosphate ore. Iraqi uranium holdings from foreign sources included 554,000 lbs U3O8 from Portugal, obtained in 1980 and 1982, and 520,000 lbs U3O8 from Niger, obtained in 1981. Iraq also had small quantities of UO2, a powder form of uranium oxide used in fuel pellets. Some of this had been enriched to 2.6% U-235, while other quantities were natural or depleted uranium. This material was sourced variously to Portugal, Italy, Niger and Brazil.

Iraq's Nuclear Future....?

The sale of its yellowcake inventories suggests Iraq may not join its neighbors in the much-vaunted nuclear renaissance, although the US government is promoting a nuclear revival elsewhere in the world and has not discouraged some of Iraq's neighbors -- with the obvious exception of Iran -- from their own civilian nuclear ambitions. Iraq used the cover of a "peaceful" program from the late 1970s onward to gain access to nuclear technology, equipment and uranium while secretly building nuclear weapons expertise. The effort was repeatedly foiled, beginning with the Israeli bombing of the Osirak reactor in 1982. Aggressive UN inspections after the 1991 Gulf War exposed and ended much of its program, and sanctions throughout the 1990s, combined with bombings in 1998, prevented any hopes of a near-term revival. Throughout the sanctions and the run-up to the March 2003 invasion, Iraq's inventories were subject to annual IAEA Physical Inventory Verification inspections, whereby the agency determined that the amounts declared matched the amounts in inventory.

But the IAEA oversight was not enough to prevent looting at Iraq's Tuwaitha nuclear weapons complex, where much of the uranium was stored. In early June 2003, the IAEA was called in to examine the damage, and it estimated that "at least 10 [kilograms] of uranium compounds could have been dispersed." Safeguards seals applied to the two buildings where the uranium was held had been broken. In the first building, many containers were missing, while others had been emptied, with uranium compounds strewn across a large floor. In the second building, one drum of yellowcake was missing, but "its contents appeared to have been dumped onto the floor adjacent to where the drum was originally located," according to an IAEA report dated Jul. 14, 2003. IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei said in that report that, "The quantity and type of uranium compounds dispersed are not sensitive from a proliferation point of view."

The US helped remove some of Iraq's inventories the year after the second Gulf War. On Jun. 23, 2004, the DOE airlifted the UO2 enriched to 2.6% - some 1.77 tons of uranium of Italian origin. This came days before the US Coalition Provisional Authority transferred sovereignty to the Iraqi government. "This operation was a major achievement for the Bush administration's goal to keep potentially dangerous nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists," then-DOE head PNAC member Spencer Abraham said in a statement at the time...

The 2004 removal operation involved 20 experts from the DOE's national laboratories. The US Department of Defense was responsible for securing and transporting the material, as well as planning and funding the operation. This contrasts with the recent sale of yellowcake, which apparently was transported by a private firm....

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Only in the White House Murder Inc's Dark rooms of the Killers on the Potomac and Herzliah, can they dream-up the following scheme: An Iranian's shady claim, says that the Saudis used a Syrian woman... to procure vehicles... turned over to the Israelis... who used a Jordanian...and Palestinian team... to murder a Lebanese militant in Damascus..., with the covert help of an Iranian dissident faction in Iran's upper echelons... to avenge an attack against Americans..., French and Israelis in the 1980s and 90s...., and ALL that scheming "was" designed to protect the Chief Operating Officer of the White House Murder Inc., Assef Shawkat, who murdered, Mr. Elie Hobeika in 01-24-02, Rafic Hariri on Feb-14th 2005, and a few others..., on direct orders from the White House and Tel Aviv, in order to serve PNAC designs....


Head of Syrian military intelligence Maj.-Gen. Assef ShawQat has been put under heavily-guarded house arrest following the assassination of Hezbollah RESISTANCE chief Imad F. Mughniyah, former Syrian vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam was saying Sunday...
Khaddam, who was a close ally of former Syrian president Hafez Assad, told the Lebanese newspaper Al-cia OF THE HARIRI KILLERS, that the arrest was made after Shawkat confirmed that the probe he was conducting into Mughniyeh's death showed that the assassins came from Syria's MI...and from Maher Al-ASSAD's killer goons... in order to launch the long awaited Coup D'état in Syria by Assef Shawkat...and trigger the Israeli/American war to control SYRIA with ASSEF Shawkat...

Hezbollah says has solid proof of WHO Murdered Imad Mughniyah...


"This is the hard stuff. The above is French for assassination.

And of course, the French should say this well for they have
done so many of them... Remember Peter Wright of Britain's
MI-5 deflecting CIA's James Angleton's request for help with
an assassination: "Have you tried the French? This is more
their kind of thing."- and so it is..."

- "Espionage's Most Wanted: the top 10 book of
malicious moles, blown covers, and intelligence oddities"
by Tom e. Mahl

Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 and Espionage's Most Wanted.... is a must read...

In Espionage's Most Wanted, you will learn that America’s first spymasters included Benjamin Franklin and John Jay. Otto von Bismarck’s chief spy, Wilhelm Stieber, posed as an itinerant peddler and sold religious artifacts and pornography to enemy troops as a cover for collecting intelligence... During the cultural competition of the Cold War, the CIA helped popularize abstract expressionism by spending millions to promote the careers of artists such as Jackson Pollock. The East Germans once traded two captured West German agents for one dead East German agent. CIA officer E. Howard Hunt cleverly disrupted an intimate dinner meeting between Mexican Communists and a Soviet delegation by distributing party invitations to the general public. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the CIA employed psychics to “remotely view” places of interest in the Soviet Union...

Espionage's Most Wanted, chronicles 500 of the most daring spies, ingenious plots, bungled operations, and surprising facts about the history of espionage and intelligence from around the world. Its fifty lists include the top-ten intelligence agencies, master spies, traitors, spy gadgets, code-breaking coups, covert operations blunders, and colorful dirty tricks. History buffs and espionage enthusiasts will enjoy this irreverent but illuminating look at the world of spies and intelligence....

Mahl does an excellent job unearthing data that the British secret services sorely wish had remained secret.... With copious footnotes, Mahl shows how Britain manipulated public opinion, lied to the American people, and subverted the democratic process. Mahl also demonstrates how Britain could not have pulled this off without the complicity of American Anglophile elites with stronger devotion to a foreign power than to their own country.... sounds very much like feudal Lebanese "intelligence families" intermarried by "elites" with total devotion to foreign powers than to their own country, which has been going on for over a century and a half...reinforced by the new PNAC...and its nemesis still in its infancy...

While the information is interesting and well-supported, the writing style of this book is tedious. Despite the fascinating material, this book is written in a way that grabs your attention for a sustained read. Still, it's history, not a novel, so this is to be expected in the intelligence field, and particularly the effect of covert operations on politics..., war, deceit, deception, Blowback.... policy and civil society..., PAR L'ASSASSINAT ET L'ENLEVEMENT..... !!!

Hizbullah says has solid proof, that CEO of the White House Murder Inc. Asef Shawqat, murdered Imad F. Mughniyah in downtown Damascus, on behalf of his sponsors of PNAC, Elliott Abrams and CIA/MOSSAD...

"Following this revelation, Shawkat was removed from the investigation which was transferred to [Syrian President Bashar Assad's cousin] Hafez Makhlouf, who mulled over who to accuse in the assassination..., because they know that it is the machinations of the White House Murder Inc., and the long awaited TRIGGER for the long awaited Coup D'état by Shawkat's goons lurking in the wings....," for Khaddam.

Khaddam asserted that Assad therefore used the assassination to bring about the dismissal of Shawkat, his bother-in-law, and the appointment of Makhlouf....because the Coup D'état has been caught in the act since MARCH.

Khaddam went on to say that Syria's attempts to put the blame for killing Mughniyeh on Arab intelligence services were "stupid" and "naive."

because KHADDAM knows it is the WHITE HOUSE MURDER INC., and he knows about the Coup D'état...

"The Syrian regime tried to exert pressure on several Arab countries, to blackmail them...exactly as they blackmailed the USA successfully, when they discovered all the details about the COUP and the other murder of the January 24th 2002, and force them to participate in the Arab Summit in Damascus," claimed Khaddam....

The former Syrian vice president noted that Mughiyeh managed to hide for 25 years from foreign intelligence agencies, from his associates in Hizbullah and from his neighbors..... "During that time, he was subjected to Iranian and Syrian monitoring, so how is it possible that Arab agencies were involved in the assassination?"

because KHADDAM knows it is the WHITE HOUSE MURDER INC., and he knows about the Coup D'état...

On Sunday, Syria is set to announce the results of the probe into Mughniyeh's death..... LOL.

The Ba'ath Party expelled Khaddam from Syria in 2005 after he blasted Syrian President Bashar Assad's "political blunders" in dealings with Lebanon. He has since been living in exile in Paris.....

In 2006, Khaddam announced that he was forming a "government in exile" and predicted the end of Assad's rule by the end of 2006. He also said he believed that THE WHITE HOUSE MURDER INC., ordered the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri....

Hezbollah's deputy secretary general Naim Qassem has again accused the White House Murder Inc. & Assef Shawkat, the official representative of Israel in Syria's highest echelons..., of direct responsibility for the assassination of the organization's senior military figure Imad Mughniyeh.

In a speech Friday to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, Qassem said "we have clear proof, of 100 percent that cannot be doubted, that Israel/MOSSAD/CIA, are the head of the assassination team, of the White House Murder Inc. & Assef Shawkat, the official representative of Israel in Syria's highest charge of MURDERS in Syria and Lebanon since 2000...."

Qassem said there is no basis for the claims that other services were behind the assassination...although many have helped "convince" Shawqat to do it....including DGSE , DST, and DIA/CIA2, offering many many carrots for his faction in Syria..... "Know that Israel's assassination team, of the White House Murder Inc. & Assef Shawkat are responsible and it must bear the whole responsibility..."

According to Arab media reports, Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah is to give an address Monday to mark to 40th day since Mughniyah's assassination.

Last week, security forces were on high alert as Israel's intelligence community has gained possession of fragments of information hinting at plans for a Hezbollah revenge attack in coordination with Iran's and Syria's factions, harmed by the confluence of carrots for the Shawkat factions.... in Syria.

Although this intelligence was direct and focused...., since the source of the information is Assef Shawkat himself from deep within Syria's power structure as usual...., it was more than enough to send into high alert troops of the Israel Defense Forces at the northern border....

J'Accuse: Bush's Death Squads

by Wayne Madsen, 31 Jan 2002 ....

Today, The Washington Post ran the fifth segment in its series on what transpired within the Bush Cabinet in the aftermath of September 11 (At Camp David, Advise and Dissent - Bush, Aides Grapple With War Plan). Of particular interest is what CIA Director George Tenet brought to the table at Camp David last September 15. According to the article by Bob Woodward and Dan Balz, when Tenet produced a Top Secret "Worldwide Attack Matrix" that specified targets in 80 countries around the world, he sought unprecedented authority to simply assassinate foreign terrorists directly or though allied intelligence services. The CIA even prepared a "Memorandum of Notification" which would allow the agency to have virtual carte blanche to conduct political assassinations abroad. This Memorandum trumped previous mechanisms by which the President would authorize intelligence actions (but not assassinations) through individual Presidential Findings.

The fail safe mechanisms established under the administrations of Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton were simply erased at the urging of Tenet. In light of these revelations, what was authorized by the President may have led to the assassinations of a number of human rights and ethnic leaders not connected in any way with Al Qaeda but did represent bothersome roadblocks to a number of U.S. military and corporate interests.

It now seems likely, given the unprecedented "license to kill" President Bush granted to the CIA, there was U.S. complicity in the murders of the following individuals. Human rights commissions and war crime tribunals in Belgium and France should take a close look at these likely criminal misadventures:

Theys Eluay.
Today, the Indonesian army chief, General Endriartono Sutarto, confirmed in Jakarta that West Papuan independence leader Theys Eluay was assassinated by Indonesian Army units after he was kidnapped last November 11. The assassins were members of KOPASSUS, a special operations unit trained by U.S. Special Forces and CIA personnel and was involved in massacres in East Timor during the Indonesian occupation of that country.

In 1969, West Papua was formally handed over to Indonesia by the United Nations after a referendum, now widely recognized as rigged, determined that the non-Indonesian population wanted to be Indonesian. Eluay was a thorn in the side of Freeport McMoran, a Louisiana-based mining company that has pillaged West Papua's natural resources and has been accused by local activists of propping up local Indonesian army and KOPASSUS officers with bribes and favors. Henry Kissinger serves as a Director Emeritus on the board of directors of Freeport and former Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston, recently identified as a lobbyist for Enron, serves as a full member of the board.

Abdullah Syafii.
On January 22, 2002, Indonesian army troops assassinated the military commander of the Free Aceh Movement, Abdullah Syafii. The Free Aceh Movement demands independence for Aceh, a region in northwest Sumatra, and is a member of the non-violent Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), an international organization headquartered in the Netherlands. It has also been at loggerheads with ExxonMobil, which has extensive drilling and refining operations in the territory.

Aceh's Governor Abdullah Puteh, who is claimed by local activists to be on the payroll of ExxonMobil, had written a letter to Syafii inviting him to attend peace talks with the government. Syafii's lieutenants claim that the letter contained a small microchip that permitted Indonesian KOPASSUS troops to track him down and ambush him. The operation has all the earmarks of the CIA, which can rely on National Security Agency (NSA) satellites to track such microchip transponders.

Elie Hobeika.
Elie Hobeika was the head of the Lebanese Forces militia, a right-wing Christian army that was allied with Israel during its 1982 invasion and occupation of Beirut. Although Hobeika was in charge of the Christian forces that fought bravely thousands of Palestinian men, fully armed by Syria, Israel and the USA, at the various refugee camps that decade, he had irrefutable evidence that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had authorized the mass murder in his role as Israeli Defense Minister in sep,1982, and the subsequent CIA black operation at the order to teach Sharon a lesson, not to trespass American orders.... An official Israeli commission of inquiry found Sharon directly responsible for the massacres...

Hobeika was going to testify against Sharon, and CIA at an upcoming Belgian war crimes tribunal which has already indicted Sharon for the war crimes. It was that testimony that resulted in Hobeika being silenced by a Mossad/CIA car bomb that exploded near his SUV near Beirut. The bomb killed Hobeika and his bodyguards. The CIA, now closely allied with Mossad, is said to have been the direct instigator of the heinous assassination and its approval for the action.., through the infamous
White House Murder Inc.. ! Elie Hobeika.

Chief Bola Ige.
On December 23, 2001, Chief Bola Ige, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Nigeria, was assassinated in the bedroom of his home in Ibadan by unknown gunmen. Ige was a leader of the Yorubas, a largely Christian ethnic group that has championed the cause of southern Nigerian Christian tribes like the Igbo, Ogoni, and Yoruba that maintain grievances against exploitative Western oil companies that have spoiled their lands with pollution and pocketed most of the oil revenues for themselves and corrupt Nigerian politicians.

Ige was the presidential candidate of the pan-Yoruba Alliance for Democracy but lost to the current President Olusegum Obasanjo, a former general who is thought by many Nigerians to be in the hip pocket of western oil companies, including Chevron and ExxonMobil. A lucrative CIA and Pentagon front operation, the private military contractor MPRI, has been training special units of the Nigerian armed forces. These forces have been active in putting down anti-oil industry protests by Igbo, Ogoni, and Yoruba tribal peoples along the Nigerian coast.

Michael J. Boskin, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Bush I is a member of the Exxon Mobil board, while current National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice served on the board of Chevron. Currently serving on Chevron's Board is Bush I trade representative Carla Hills and former Louisiana Senator Johnston, who also serves on the board of Freeport McMoran.

In all likelihood all of these assassinations were likely known to the CIA and allowed to take place unhindered. The killings all directly benefited the interests of the US military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower so poignantly warned us about some 40 years ago.

I more or less predicted the Indonesian murders a few months ago (just after Tenet received authorization to conduct assassinations of "terrorists") during an interview with Radio Singapore International. The transcript of that broadcast follows:

CIA assassination missions --
a look into the implications of this US Foreign policy

Source: Augustine Anthuvan,
Newsline, Radio Singapore International
Broadcast date: 30 October 2001

Wayne Madsen, a former Intelligence Officer at the National Security Agency in Washington with this comment...

When Senator Frank Church had a committee in the Senate [see extensive copy of the Church Committee reports inside Paul Wolf's --ratitor] that found out that the CIA was conducting assassination missions against foreign leaders they passed very stringent laws against the CIA to prevent any abuses. And now what we're hearing is that the late Senator Church went too far. Well Senator Church was responding to some very severe abuses of authority by the CIA. And now we're hearing basically history is being changed on us here and we're hearing that Senator Church went too far in what he did.

And I think its very important now to understand that these things are all in context and what people like Senator Frank Church did in the 1970s really still applies today.

If CIA assassination missions are taken beyond the present operations in Afghanistan to other countries where terrorists are known to be operating, what sort of repercussions will this present for country to country relations? A concern I posed to Wayne Madsen....

"Especially in countries in South East Asia, we have a President who is very much in it with the US multi-national companies. What if they decide that West Papua independence movement in Irian Jaya -- West Papua -- could be a terrorist organization. And they could decide, Well we're going to target their leadership for assassination because they happen to be against the interests of Freeport McMoran -- one of the biggest mining companies in West Papua. Or what if they decide that the Aceh movement in Northern Sumatra happens to be [anathema] to the interests of Exxon Mobil corporation, and they decide to target their leadership for assassination. I think this is the problem with this type of wide sweeping authorization to assassinate foreign leaders...... We may find ourselves assassinating people because they just so happen to be against US interests."

Syrian officers Were involved in IMAD Mughniyeh's assassination?

All Lebanese disinformation and "paid Media outlets": Two Syrian officers executed over involvement in the assassination of Imad F. Moughniah...., in Lebanon, there is absolutely no free press, NONE, either in print, TV, Radio or web based mediums, it is all part and parcel of major disinformation campaigns by all parties to the conflict in Lebanon, the region and the world at large....The only free media outlets left are the web based personal Blogs etc.
Hezbollah's top military commander Imad Mughniyeh, mysteriously killed in a blast two months ago, has been the subject of lively discussion in the Arab press in recent days.

Lebanon's Al-Shiraa magazine reported Saturday that two weeks ago Syrian intelligence broke into the houses of two Syrian officers in Damascus and executed them with shots to the head, apparently due to their involvement in Mughniyeh's assassination....

The officers' families were reportedly warned not to inform anyone of what had happened.....LOL, Al-Shiraa is scum based and Hariri paid outlet of fabricated stories for the gullible....and more.

The story came in the wake of a barrage of recent reports involving the Head of Syrian Military Intelligence, Assef Shawkat. Former Syrian Vice KILLER, Abdul Halim Khaddam says nothing about anything, since he is a pathological liar at heart, and that Shawkat, President Bashar al-Assad's brother-in-law, was placed under protection of the CIA and MOSSAD, after executing the assassination of Mughniyeh .

Other reports know that Shawkat's wife, the sister of Bashar Assad, fled the country long order to live in France and one of the Arab Gulf countries. French officials are lying as usual and are accessory to murder assassinations for decades.

Al-Shiraa further reported that intelligence officers this week opened fire on a military vehicle driven by an officer who was reportedly in league with Asef Shawqat. The officer was injured.....

On Sunday Syria was scheduled to release for publication the conclusions of the investigation into Imad Mughniyeh's assassination by Assef Shawkat, but officials said the statement was delayed due to the large-scale home front drill that took place in Israel. The officials did not provide a new date for the report's release...., because there will never be a Syrian report into any murder assassination, ever.

With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves are unprecedented.