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Kosovo is American...

Kosovo is American... it's part and parcel of a Global plan of thousands of Tribes with flags to ensure the success of the Full Spectrum Dominance of the USA and DOD/CIA/MOSSAD threesome of evils...

“Kosovo is Serbian”, is one of the key slogans in every political statement throughout Belgrade and Serbian Diaspora-meetings all-around the world. Orthodox monasteries all over the country seem to prove this point of view. “Kosovo is Albanian territory”, is the answer of the majority of the 1,9 million people living on this territory. Their proof seems to be based on the simple quantity of ethnic majority, which – by the way – does not necessarily have to do with statehood. “Kosovo is European”, is the statement of Brussels authority underlining the fact of Kosovo being part of the “Euro”-zone and under EU-supervision. Historically Serbian, ethnically Albanian, economically European periphery. Yes and no. However, geopolitically, Kosovo is American.

What about statehood? On the 22nd of July 2010, 10 out of 14 judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague approved the Kosovarian declaration of independence as compatible with the standards of international law. Independence had been declared on the 17th of February 2008 by an “Assembly of Kosovo” in the parliament in Prishtina. The statement of the ICJ is restricted to the proclamation of the independence and does not refer to the legality of secession. This is a minor contradiction. A more serious contradiction lies in the fact that the Kosovarian assembly in the parliament at the time formally was (and is till today) not representing Kosovo in international belongings. The UN-Resolution 1244 of 1999 put in a “Special Representative of the Secretary General“ as the official representative of the province, which is defined as an integral part of Yugoslavia respectively Serbia. To put it strictly: The Kosovarian parliament was not entitled to represent Kosovo on the international arena. According to international law, no legal body had asked for independence. In the Press release of the ICJ one can read about legality of the „Assembly of Kosovo“ which declared independence: “On this point, the Court arrives at the conclusion that the authors of the declaration of independence . . . did not act as one of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government within the Constitutional Framework, but rather as persons who acted together in their capacity as representatives of the people of Kosovo outside the framework of the interim administration (..) The authors of the declaration of independence were not bound by the framework of powers and responsibilities established to govern (...)“. Therefore the ICJ “finds that the declaration of independence did not violate the Constitutional Framework”. In other words: because the body which declared independence did not consist of legal representatives of Kosovo, rules of international law were not broken. This is a major contradiction.

The ICJ with its verdict de facto followed the position of the USA and the majority of the EU-states. The Western alliance had already tried before the declaration of independence to implement a so-called “independence under surveillance” by the United Nations. The Ahtisaari Plan was wrecked by Russia (and South Africa). So Washington, Paris, London and Berlin implemented this plan without UN-mandate.

De jure, UN-resolution 1244 is still valid. Kosovo thereby is a part of Serbia and the UN-administration officially rules status-neutrally.

The appeal to the ICJ put the question of state independence on an international level. And it was Serbia asking for it. So Belgrade cannot simply ignore the verdict of the ICJ. To repeat the slogan “Kosovo is Serbian” will not help to overcome its defensive position. Not to speak of the Serbian refusal to take into account the Kosovarian reality. 90% of the population is not willing to accept Serbian national markings. This fact cannot be ignored.

Precedent case

As a precedent the ICJ-verdict on the declaration of Kosovarian independence is far reaching. First of all it underlines the shift from international law towards a human rights preponderating conflict management. In the last two decades Western conflict management more and more operates with human rights arguments instead of international law. The whole NATO-war on Yugoslavia, which broke international law when it started in March 1999, followed the human rights argument to rescue the Albanian population assuming a Serbian aggression. The code of the law of nations thereby was put aside, outruled. NATO war on Yugoslavia also put an end to the juridical framework of e.g. CSCE guaranteeing national sovereignty, territorial integrity and respecting national borders. Since then, instead of codified international law, human rights served as arguments for military aggressions and interventions (e.g. also in Afghanistan). The range of possible interpretations of human rights makes it easy to use them as manipulative arguments serving as instruments for one’s interest.

The acceptance of Kosovo’s independence against the will of Belgrade also is a precedent for many concrete cases. On the territories of Ex-Yugoslavia foremost. After the verdict of the ICJ, it will be harder to explain, why “Republika Srpska” should stay within the federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and why it should be impossible to split and unite with Serbia. Equally it will not be easy to explain to the Albanian minority in Makedonia, why it should be against international law to declare independence from Skopje or unite with Albania and/or Kosovo. Not to speak of the Serbs in the north of Kosovo who do not accept Prishinta’s authority. Why should they stay in a common state with Albanians? Their possible independence and/or unification with Serbia would follow the same ICJ’s logic.

ICJ’s declaration deepens the argument of national independence far beyond Ex-Yugoslavia. As a precedent it is important e.g. also for Tiraspol. The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) since 20 years asks for independence from Moldova and for international recognition. Only hours after the ICJ-verdict on Kosovo the PMR-authorities underlined their point of view. And in the Georgian periphery the precedent case of Kosovo already led to a reaction from the Russian side when Moscow recognised the declarations of independence of Abchasia and of South-Ossetia in August 2008.

Self-determination versus colonial governance

Kosovo’s declaration of independence, its recognition by – at the moment – 69 states (out of 192) and the ICJ-verdict cannot hide that Kosovo in reality is not independent at all. This was not intended by the USA anyhow. Self-determination is far out of reach.

In military respect this is most evident. After Russian troops withdrew in June 1999 and later in 2003, the US-led NATO settled down in every corner of the country. In Camp Bondsteel, named after an US-officer who was killed in Vietnam, the US-army installed its biggest military camp in Europe covering a territory of almost 4 square kilometres. But also the civil administration is not in the hands of the local government or parliament. The Ahtisaari Plan of March 2007 is the blueprint of the Kosovarian constitution. This constitution clearly notes the colonial status in article 143: “All authorities in the Republic of Kosovo shall abide by all of the Republic of Kosovo’s obligations under the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement dated 26 March 2007 (which is the Ahtisaari-Plan; HH). (...) . The provisions of the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement dated 26 March 2007 shall take precedence (priority, HH) over all other legal provisions in Kosovo. (...) If there are inconsistencies between the provisions of this Constitution, laws or other legal acts of the Republic of Kosovo and the provisions of the said Settlement, the latter shall prevail.”

“Independence under surveillance” was (and is) the key word of Western politics planned for Kosovo. The profiteers of this “independence under surveillance”, besides the organised criminals knowing to handle businesses between legal and illegal structures, are tens of thousands of colonisers. Under abbreviations like UNMIK, EULEX and thousands of NGO’s they fill their bank accounts with monthly wages 10 to 20 times higher than an average local employee. Kosovo is a huge field for experiments: military, political, juridical, administrative. Respecting the fact that executive and legislative power are not divided under the administration of UNMIK’s “Special Representative of the Secretary General” (SRSG) and EULEX’s “International Civilian Representative” (ICR), this shows how politics can be made without Western political proceedings. The SRSG- and the ICR-administrations stand above local laws and international standards.

Since Russia could not stop the implementation of the Ahtisaari Plan, there seems to be no alternative to the colonial status of the region. Belgrade’s proposal from 2007 to combine territorial integrity and substantial autonomy for Kosovo doesn’t even find enough support in Serbia any more. The most reasonable solution would be to divide Kosovo along the river Ibar. The Serbian population north of it would become what they de facto are: Serbian citizens. South of Ibar a second Albanian state has become reality since 1999. Parallel to this split an anti-colonial move could lead to self-determination within Albanian Kosovo.

Several obstacles stand against this vision: the government in Prishtina, which acts as an extended body of Washington and lately threatened with a military intervention in case of Serbs in the north would declare independence from Prishtina; the government in Belgrade, which follows Brussels’ guidelines; and the geopolitical and economic interests of the United States and the European Union. Vague promises from the side of Brussels to integrate Kosovo into the framework of the European Union are not to be taken seriously. Already today Brussels has all economic means in its hands and controls currency and privatisation process. A closer integration would confront Brussels with US-interests. So the status quo is practical for both sides, although it is realised by playing off Serbs and Albanians against each other.

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My Comment: Quite a difference from an
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The application of advanced avionics software in the F/A-22 is key to the Raptor's revolutionary performance advantage over any other fighter. In the air-to-air arena, the stealthy F/A-22 will be virtually unseen on radar, while its sophisticated array of sensors and advanced radar will allow it to reach out and strike adversary aircraft undetected from long range. The advanced software package will also enhance the Raptor's ability to deliver precision air-to-surface weapons on target, day or night, in any weather.

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"Inflatable military hardware is most effective in conflict situations when there is a need to confuse the enemy," the daily Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper argued .....

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Comment: While real military hardware is preferable, this type of deception cannot be underestimated. My own take, this is going to be highly effective, especially if countries like Iran are able to get their hands on such perfect (and deceptive) copies.....

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لمن لا يعلم انجيل برنابا

لمن لا يعلم انجيل برنابا

ما هو انجيل برنابا؟ وكاتبه؟ وفي اي زمن كتب؟ وأسباب كتابته؟ والى من يتوجه؟ كل هذه الاسئلة وسواها تعطينا الاجوبة الصحيحة لأسئلة كثيرة تبعد الشك إذا كان اصحاب الشك مصرين على الذهاب بعيداً في شكوكهم ونياتهم السيئة في زرع الفتنة بين المسيحيين والمسلمين، عن قصد أو عن غير قصد منهم.

فالمسلمون على الصعيد الشعبي يقتنون انجيل برنابا في منازلهم لاعتقادهم بأنه الانجيل الصحيح الذي لا يعترف به المسيحيون، لأسباب كثيرة. وأن الفاتيكان يخفي في كواليس مكتبته الانجيل الحقيقي الذي يشير الى النبي محمد وسواها من الامور التي تعطي قيمة وتقدما للإسلام على المسيحية. وهذا ما سمعته من كثيرين منهم على الصعيد الشخصي بطبيعة عملي الاعلامي واختصاصي الديني واختلاطي بالكثيرين من الإخوة المسلمين.

لذا أحببت أن أعرّف عن هذا الانجيل وما يتعلق به معلومات علمية حتى تتوضح الصورة لدى من يقرأ هذا الموقع وينشر هذه المعلومات علنا نستفيد من نشر الحقيقة ونسير بدرب تؤدي الى الوفاق أكثر منه الى النفاق والتفرقة.

إنجيل برنابا

منذ بدء القرن العشرين وكثر الجدل حول "إنجيل برنابا" فقلة قليلة تدَّعى أن هذا هو الإنجيل الصحيح وأن الكنيسة قد أخفته عن أتباعها منذ القرون الأولى. فما هي قصة هذا الكتاب؟ ولماذا يتمسك البعض به؟ وهل هناك أدلة على أنه كتاب مزيف؟ هذا ما سوف نناقشه في هذه المقالة وهدفنا هو الوصول إلى الحقيقة. أولاً: مقدمة تارخية: يوجد إنجيل برنابا الآن في مخطوطة وحيدة مكتوبة باللغة الإيطالية، محفوظة في المكتبة القومية بالنمسا وهى تعود للقرن السادس عشر كما أكد الدارسون، وذلك من خلال نوع الورق المستخدم، فهو مصنوع من ألياف قطنية، وعليه علامة مائية على هيئة مرسلة سفينة، وهو نوع الورق الذي كان يُستخدم في إيطاليا في ذلك الوقت، وأول ذكر لهذه المخطوطة كان في بداية القرن الثامن عشر. وهناك مخطوطة أسبانية مفقودة، تحدث عنها جورج سال في بداية القرن الثامن عشر، وفيها يذكر قصة اكتشاف هذا الإنجيل ويقول إن راهب يُدعى مارينو كان في زيارة بابا روما، وبينما هما معاً في المكتبة نام البابا، وبينما يبحث مارينو في المكتبة وجد إنجيل برنابا، فأخفاه أي سرقه، وعندما قرأه اعتنق الإسلام ونشر هذا الكتاب وبالطبع هذه القصة يشوبها كثير من الكذب. ولم يُعرف إنجيل برنابا معرفة حقيقية حتى قام لوندال ولورا راج بترجمته من الإيطالية إلى الإنجليزية سنة 1970م، وقد قاما بكتابة مقدمة أثبتا فيها أن هذا الكتاب مزيف ويعود للقرن الرابع عشر ولكن للأسف كل الترجمات التي أخذت عنهما حذفت هذه المقدمة النقدية. في سنة 1908 ترجم د. خليل سعادة هذا الإنجيل إلى اللغة العربية، ونشره الشيخ محمد رشيد رضا، أحد تلاميذ الشيخ محمد عبده، ومؤسس مجلة المنار. والطبعة العربية الموجودة حالياً بها مقدمة د. سعادة، ومقدمة كتبها الشيخ محمد رشيد رضا. وهناك ترجمة عربية أخرى قام بها د. أحمد طاهر وصادرة عن دار المعارف بمصر تحت عنوان "الأناجيل دراسة مقارنة". ثانياً: إنجيل برنابا والقديس إيريناوس: ذكر جورج سال في مقدمة ترجمته للقرآن عندما تحدث عن قصة اكتشاف إنجيل برنابا أن الراهب مارينو عثر على رسائل للقديس إيريناوس وفي أحداهن يندد بالرسول بولس، وأنه أسند تنديده هذا إلى إنجيل برنابا. وبالطبع هذا القول كاذب، ومحاولة فاشلة لإثبات أن لهذا الكتاب وجود في القرن الثاني. وهناك أدلة على ذلك: القديس إيريناوس عاش في القرن الثاني الميلادي، واستمع في شبابه إلى عظات القديس بوليكارب أسقف سميرنا وتلميذ الرسل يوحنا، ذهب إلى فرنسا (الفال) وسيم كاهناً على كنيسة ليون، ثم صار أسقفاً سنة 177م. وقد كرس حياته لدحض البدع وخاصة الغنوسية وكتب "ضد الهرطقات، برهان التعليم الرسولي.. وغيرها" وبدراسة هذه الكتب نجد أنه اقتبس فيها من الأناجيل الأربعة ورسائل القديس بولس، منادياً بنفس التعاليم، ولم يندد بالرسول بولس، وليس هناك أي ذكر لإنجيل برنابا، بل إن ما جاء بكتبه وعظاته يتعارض مع ما جاء في إنجيل برنابا، الذي ينكر أسس الإيمان المسيحي المعروفة. ثالثاً: من هو كاتب إنجيل برنابا؟ يجمع مؤيدو إنجيل برنابا على أن كاتبه هو برنابا المذكور في الكتاب المقدس (سفر أعمال الرسل، رسالة غلاطية 1:2- 9، رسالة كولوسي 10:4، الرسالة الأولى للكورنثوس6:9). ومثال لما يقولونه ما كتبه الشيخ أبو زهرة: "إن برنابا كان مع الدعاة الأولين الذين عملوا في الدعوة عملاً لا يقل عن عمل بولس، فلابد أن تكون له رسالة أو إنجيل" (محاضرات في النصرانية، ص 70).

وهذا الادعاء غير صحيح لما يلى :

1- نعم لقد كان برنابا من الدعاة الولين، ولكن ليس من المحتم أن كل واحد من تلاميذ المسيح ورسله وأتباعه في بدء الدعوة، أن يكتب رسالة أو إنجيل، فقد اختار الله بعضهم وأوحى إليهم بالروح القدس وكتبوا "لأنه لم تأت نبوة قط بمشيئة إنسان بل تكلم أناس الله القديسون مسوقين من الروح القدس" (2بط21:1).

2- إن قائمة أسماء التلاميذ والمذكورة في (مت2:10- 4، لو13:6- 16، مر16:3- 18، أع13:1) لا يوجد بها اسم برنابا أي أنه لم يكن واحد من الاثنى عشر، وبرنابا المذكور في الكتاب المقدس لم يكن اسمه برنابا بل يوسف، والذي دعاه بهذا الاسم هم التلاميذ وذلك بعد صعود المسيح، "ويوسف الذي دُعى من الرسل برنابا الذب يُترجم ابن الوعظ وهو لاوى قبرصى الجنس" (اع36:4).

3- إن كاتب إنجيل برنابا يسجل في مقدمته وفي الاصحاح الأخير إنكاره للتعاليم التي نادى بها التلاميذ وبولس والدعاة الأولين مثل: (أن يسوع المسيح هو ابن الله، موت وقيامة المسيح، عدم ضرورة الختان للخلاص.. وغيرها). وهذا يوضح أنه يمكن أن يكون كاتبه هو برنابا، وذلك للأسباب التالية: أ- عندما آمن شاول (بولس) بالمسيح "حاول أن يلتصق بالتلاميذ وكان الجميع يخافونه غير مصدقين أنه تلميذ، فأخذه برنابا وأحضره إلى الرسل وحدثهم كيف أبصر الرب في الطريق وأنه كلمة وكيف جاهر في دمشق باسم يسوع، كان معهم يدخل ويخرج في أورشليم ويجاهر باسم الرب يسوع" (أع26:9- 8)، وكان "شاول مع التلاميذ الذين في دمشق أياماً، وللوقت جعل يكرز في المجامع بالمسيح أنه هذا هو ابن الله" (أع19:9- 20) وهنا نرى برنابا يقدم بولس للتلاميذ، ويكرزان معاً بأن يسوع هو الله. بينما كاتب إنجيل برنابا يهاجم هذا التعليم بشدة. ب- عندما نمت الكنيسة في أنطاكية قرر الرسل أن يرسلوا برنابا إلى أنطاكية ليعلَّم ويشجع المؤمنين هناك. وعندما ذهب برنابا إلى هناك ورأى اتساع العمل "خرج برنابا إلى طرسوس ليطلب شاول، ولما وجده جاء به إلى أنطاكية، فحدث أنهما اجتمعا في الكنيسة سنة كاملة وعلَّما جمعاً غفيراً، ودُعى التلاميذ مسيحيين في أنطاكية أولاً" (أع25:11- 26)، وكرزا معاً بأن يسوع هو ابن الله وأن الله أقامه من الموت (أع33:13- 35). وهذا يخالف إنجيل برنابا الذي ينكر أن المسيح هو ابن الله، وينكر موته وقيامته. 4- لقد استغل مؤيدو إنجيل برنابا بعض النصوص الكتابية للبرهنة على أن كاتبه هو برنابا المذكور في أسفار العهد الجديد، وبدراسة هذا النصوص نرى سوء النية في التفسير... أ- مشكلة الختان: "وانحدر قوم من اليهودية وجعلوا يعلَّمون الإخوة إن لم تختتنوا حسب عادة موسى لا يمكنكم أن تخلصوا، فلما حصل لبولس وبرنابا منازعة ومباحثة ليست بقليلة معهم رتبوا أن يصعد بولس وبرنابا وأنا آخرون منهم إلى الرسل والمشايخ في أورشليم من أجل هذه المسئلة" (أع1:15- 2) وادَّعوا أنه قد حدث خلاف عقيدى بين بولس وبرنابا بسبب الختان، حيث أن الخلاف هنا ليس بين بولس وبرنابا في الإنجيل المزيف الذي يذكر أن الكلب أفضل من رجل غير مختون (برنابا2:22)، وأن غير المختون محروم من دخول الفردوس (برنابا16:23). ب- الخلاف بين بولس وبرنابا بسبب مرقس والمذكور في سفر (اعمال الرسل36:15- 41)، والخلاف هنا ليس بسبب التعاليم أو العقيدة، ولكنه حول مرافقة مرقس لهما في الرحلة التبشيري الثانية. إذن لم يكن هناك خلافات حول العقيدة والتعاليم بين بولس وبرنابا، والوحد في ارساليتها ورسالتهما واضحة جداً في سفر أعمال الرسل (أع36:4، 26:9 و27، 22:11- 25، أع24:12، أع1:13- 5.. الخ).

ومن هنا نستنتج أن إنجيل برنابا لم يُكتب بواسطة برنابا، بل بواسطة شخص آخر ارتكب أعظم خطأ باختياره برنابا- شريك الرسول بولس- ليكون كاتب هذا الكتاب.

* من هو كاتب إنجيل برنابا: هناك رأيان:

الرأي الأول: هو شخص يهودي أسباني أُجبر على اعتناق المسيحية في القرن السادس عشر أثناء محاكم التفتيش عندما كان الآب فيلبس بيير دى مونتلو هو المسئول عن محاكم التفتيش، وهو الذي أصبح فيما بعد البابا سكستيوس الخامس الذي جاء اسمه في مقدمة المخطوطة الأسبانية. وقد أراد هذا الشخص (الراهب مارينو) الانتقام من هذا البابا باختراع قصة وجود إنجيل برنابا في مكتبته، وذلك بعد اعتناقه الإسلام، ولسوء حظ كاتب إنجيل برنابا أن إنجيله لم يُكتشف في وقت الباب أسكستيوس الخامس، ولكنه نُقل إلى أمستردام وقد تُرك في مكتبة المؤرخ جوريجور بولي إلى فيينا.

الرأى الثاني: هو شخص مسلم، بعد سقوط الأندلس، ظهرت كثير من الكتب المزيفة وخاصة في مدينة غرناطة وإنجيل برنابا واحد من هذه الكتب المزيفة، الذي ينسج على منوال الأناجيل مع إدخال بعض العقائد والتعاليم الإسلامية بغرض نشرها في المجتمع المسيحي الأسباني، ومحاولة لنقص أساسيات الإيمان المسيحي بالهجوم المستتر وغير الواضح. رابعاً: الأدلة على أن إنجيل برنابا كتاب مزيف كُتب في العصور الوسطى: يرى الدارسون أن هناك أدلة خارجية، وأخرى داخلية: 1- الأدلة الخارجية: أ- الأدلة الخارجية من خلال الفكر المسيحي: - لا يوجد إنجيل برنابا في أى مخطوطة للعهد الجديد. - لا يوجد إنجيل برنابا في أي قائمة لأسماء أسفار الكتاب المقدس. - لم يقتبس منه ولا واحد من آباء الكنيسة في القرون الأولى. - لم يُذكر في قرارات المجامع سواء ككتاب قانونى مسموح بقرأته أو غير قانوني ممنوع قرأته. ب- الأدلة الخارجية من خلاف الفكر الإسلامي: - لم يأت ذكره لا في القرآن ولا في كتب الأحاديث.

لم يذكره المؤرخون القدامى مثل المسعودى واليعقوبي، والبيرونى... وغيرهم. - لم يذكره المفسرون مثل الطبرى، وابن كثير، والقرطبى، والرازى... وغيرهم. - لم يذكره المجادلون والمهاجمون مثل ابن حزم، والخزرجى، والشهرستانى... وغيرهم. -

لم يذكره فهارس الكتب مثل

Secularism: The Brainchild of Freemasons Part II

Founder of secular Turkey.....

Aug, 2010 by Raja Mujtaba

By Naveed Tajammal

The secularist, movement, was started, by certain elements which were the real pressure groups, as well the intellectual class of the later ottoman empire, whose efforts, were the culmination and introduction of the idea of secularism in the new constitution of a new Turkey in 1924, these people, who were, infused with this thought process, brought a, disaster, for the Muslim’s, of Turkey.

The purpose of highlighting, Ottoman Turkey, as a case study, though very briefly and practically in general outlines, is to state that, just because, the Turk leadership, of that time had done a blunder, due to pressure of the super powers, we need not, even think about it, for reasons, as will be explained, as these have resulted in a chain reaction of events, a study of which however brief is a must.

The intellectual class which had spearheaded this move were ethnically and religiously not the actual Turks, as the term goes, as I had earlier stated, the composition of the Turkish empire was fifty percent, Muslims, as late as 1910, however at the time of the start of the 1839 and 1856 so-called reforms,”tanzimats” the Muslim population was much less as between 1839 and 1910, the empire had lost a lot of its area due to weak Sultans and the leadership factor.

The powers of that time were obsessed with breaking up of Turkey, as they are, to breakup Pakistan. The balkanization maps are so eagerly being propagated to soften the Pakistan minds for its acceptance and its merits for the Zionist controls. Reverting back to the empire, and its, population as it stood, at the start of 20th century, they inhabited, Iannina, Scutari and Kosovo. Monastir had a population mix of both Orthodox Muslims and Christians, the Christian portion of Monastir formed part of Bulgaria. The Bulgarians, besides Monastir, also inhabited Salonika and Kosovo, all were Orthodox Christians. Here it is pertinent to note that the, headquarter of ‘The Committee of Union and Progress’ was based at Salonika. The Freemason Jews lent a strong support to the work of the committee; the later leader of Turks, Mustapha Kamal, was a key figure of this organization which later became part of Freemasonry League.

As stated earlier, the empire had 300,000 Jews all over, the business and commerce was in their control, the Greeks,

The eye of Anti Christ - Dajjal

followed next. What happened to Adan Menders, and his hanging much later, on 16 September 1961, along with Fatin Rustu Zorlu and Hassan Palatka, was an interconnected sequence, spread over decades of resistance against secularism. The Servians were in Kosovo; the Christians and the Greeks, were spread all over the commerce and trade of the empire. They were orthodox as well, as Greco-Christians and the Kutzo-Vlachs (Macedonians) were Christians, the Lazes, found in Trebizond and east were Muslims as well, as Christians. The Kurds were in Erzurum, Sivas, serest, angora, and Mosul, all were Muslims, the Circassia’s, spread all over Asia Minor were Muslims. The Arabs, in the empire, were in Adana, Aleppo, Syria, Baghdad, Sanjak of Jerusalem, Hejaz, Yemen, Beirut and Basra, all being Muslims. Today, the name given Saudi Arabia has no relevance with history. It was coined when Abdul Aziz Al-Saud took over Hejaz and that was not without the support of Col D.E. Lawrence

Armenians lived in Istanbul, as well in other vilayets (provinces), of Turkey in Europe. They were also in Sivas, Angora, Trebizond, Adana, Erzurum, Bittlis, Mosul, Van and Aleppo; all were Gregorian and Christian Catholics. The Jews, had spread in Europe, courtesy the empire, on whose destruction they were bent upon, they retained the jugular of business, in the empire. A sect of Jews called the Samaritan, were confined to Napluze, a vilayet of Beirut.

The Chaldeans or the Nestorians, who then spoke, Syro-Chaldaic, and partly Arabic, were too in Baghdad, Mosul, Aleppo, Beirut, and Mamurat-ul-Aziz.the Malachite, or the Syrian, were greco-catholics, who were Greeks, ethnically, spoke Arabic, but were, united Orthodox Christians, as went the classifications, and lived, all over Syria. The Jacobites/Syrians, who spoke Arabic, were all Monophysite, as well Jacobite Christians, the monites, spoke Arabic, but in their, churches, it was syro-chaldaic. They were located around mount. Lebanon and Beirut. all were Monophysite, (Catholics). The Druse, and the Mendaties, or Ben-i-Yahya; too were located around, Mount Lebanon and the Sanjak of Hauran and Basra; they were all Sabaeans. The main aim of these, other then Muslim races was, to, disrupt and destroy the empire; the first to go were the “janissaries.” This will be explained later, as to why they were, axed.

Now, to have a brief, insight in the administrative, set up of the empire, is also a must. Muhammad the second, the conqueror of Constantinople in1453, had created a very free set up. With not much of red tape, as the term goes, he presided over all key matters, and led the army too. The administration was composed of “kazas or cantons, under command of a kazi, the sanjaks, or departments, came under, Alia Beys or Mir-i-Livas (colonels and brigadiers) with one horse-tail banners. The vilayets were under, bey-ler-beys, pashas with two-horse tail banners, in war times all bey-ler-beys served under the Grand Vezier, the title of vezier was also held by, six or seven persons, they all met under a kubbe or a dome (cupola) as the hall of the divan had a massive cupola, the veziers were also pashas, with three-horse tail, banners. Here it should also be kept in mind that prior to the reforms of 1839 the empire was much larger and had more Christians; the Arabs were cut off after the Arab revolt spearheaded by, T. E. Lawrence in 1914-1919.

The Christians hated the Turks because they had taken over the capital of their Eastern Roman Empire in1529 they were at the gates of “Vienna” Austria, and Khair ud Din, called Barbarossa. The Mediterranean Sea was converted into a Turkish lake. In1683, the brilliant, “Kara Mustapha” the grand vezier, with an army of 500,000 was again at Vienna, this time, he wanted, the conquest of the whole of Germany, and create Ottoman province, from, Rhine to Danube. The weak ruler, Muhammad the fourth, could not bear the grand vezier, so planned his destruction while Kara Mustapha, led the army. But, in history such, fickle minded, weak rulers have always existed, hence in the middle of the war, Kara Mustapha, was executed at Belgrade, by the cowardly sultan’s orders. Eventually, the Turkish Army, deposed him and brought forward Suleiman the second.

Now, the “janissaries” revolted; so all these events, were manipulated that led by a constant interference of the super powers, the Christian population, as well the Jews, ended in 1839 and 1856 reforms. As by 1821, the Greeks had revolted, on the behest of Russians, it was only the timely help of Mehmet Ali the Pasha of misr, (Egypt) who saved the day. By the protocol of 4 April 1826, signed at St. Petersburg on the behest of British. Vide this treaty, Greece was to be governed by its own elected authorities and would have independent commercial relations. the further end on Turks by the superpowers came at battle of Navarino, on the 20th Oct.1827 with this came the axe on the “janissaries” and the end of the main fighting force, of the Turks. Bad and incapable leadership always destroys the organization which it is unable to control or manage and then dies its own death. A new and capable leadership controls the events and leads the same nation, once declared dead by all, on a new path.

Ruining empires and nations, is and has been, the policy of various pivotal powers, this would continue to be the same in the future also; unless we awaken up to these facts and counter the moves. The nations are always misled by propagandists, working in various modes and using different means of implementing their ends. The unwary and unwitting gullible people are taken for a ride thus damage is inflicted, as is in the case of the Muslim world. There has to be a collective awakening, infusion of some new blood in the leadership who will have to take some measured steps to put the nation on a solid and sound path.

We study history, or political process, which is an ongoing event with a purpose, the point of all discussions is to exchange ideas and arrive at some mental conclusions, if a debate continues without an end, it is a waste of time, and effort. The purpose to my mind is, we should, analyze and try to stay away from something which has been proven a failed experiment, as was, and is, the case of secularism, in Turkey. Through these articles, the purpose is to create awareness for a better insight for a reader more insight to understand the course of events that led to this situation in Turkey.

Our people fail to understand that, the political events are a chain of events, which, a player had played in the past, and they affect our lives in one form or the other, even now so, instead of remaining a “pawn in the game,” we too should do something about it in, some form or the other.

The present policy is the old “statesman” policy being used on us, the power players in this case, subvert the loyalty of the victim nations’ population, from it’s states, which eventually travels down to the very foundations of the country’s military power- which is in reality the final objective. Militarily weakened nation is then targeted and destroyed from within then dismembered or balkanized as is said now. This term originated from the nation that was the Osmanli Empire till the last century, the Headquarter of our Muslim Khilafat, the present case study, the scourge of the west had been it’s, “janissaries.”

A corrupted Turkish word, from the word, “yenni-cheri” or the new troops, the entire corps was commanded by the “Agha” of the yennicheri, called “oj ak“(the hearth).it was divided into ,“ortas”or units, of varying numbers, the “oda”or the room, was the name given to the barracks in which they were lodged. Sultan Suleiman the first, had organized them into 196,ortas, divided into three classes,” jemaat’ had 101 ortas; beuluk, had 61, and sekban had 34 ortas. there were also additional, 34 ortas of apprentices. In the peace times, the ortas were 100, men strong, in war times it was raised to 500.

The distinction, between the different classes, was in duty, they performed, the jemmat; or the “yaya beiter” were charged with, the frontier duties, the beuluk, had the privilege to serve as the sultan’s guards, and kept the sacred banner both during war and peace. The sacred, banner was the flag of the holy prophet.

Until 1574, the effective strength of the yennicheri, including the ajami, was not allowed to exceed 20,000, in 1805, they numbered 112,000.and at the time of their destruction they were 135,000.

The ‘yenicheri’ were spread all over the empire, guarding all the vital places; it was this fighting machine which was destroyed by the weak and cowardly Sultan Mahmud the second, on the orders of his, mentors of the powers.

To have a better insight into the function of this remarkable institution, this kept the empire in one piece while it was in existence. The Code of conduct was a creation, which only affected them. Implicit obedience to the officers, perfect accord and union among themselves, abstinence from luxury, Islam was the code, enforced by the rules of “Hajji Bektash” a learned, pious Muslim, saint.

Yennicheri, were entitled to special rules ,regarding, a death penalty, if awarded to them, promotion, was by seniority, they could be punished and admonished by their own officers. Only the infirm and unfit were pensioned off, they were not allowed beards, nor to marry, nor to leave their barracks, or engage into trade, but to spend, the time in drill and in the practice of the “art of war”.

In the time of the peace, the Janissaries (yennicheri) could not carry arms, but were armed with clubs, only in the frontier were they allowed arms in peace times.

The Janissaries, banner, was of white silk, on which verses from the Quran, were embroidered, in gold, this banner was planted besides, The, “agha’s” tent, in the camp, with 4 other flags, in red cases and a three horse tail banner/standard.

Each aorta, had its flag, half-red and half-yellow &placed before the tent of its commander in the start, the janissaries, bore no other, mark of distinctive nature, save a white turban. This was converted into red. With gold work on it. The officers had the difference in the colour of the boots, the commanding officers, of the, beuluk, wore red boots, the others yellow, while the juniors wore black.

Thus on 10 June 1826, Mahmud the second, ordered the destruction, a fatwa (decree), was issued by the Shaikh-ul-Islam, the flag of the holy prophet was “unfurled” and Ibrahim Agha the artillery commander opened cannon fire on the barracks, they were asked to ‘’surrender’’, which was, replied with the cry of “olmaz” never or not possible. None survived the massacre, the barracks were burnt down, men burnt, but none pleaded for mercy, such was the unity and discipline.’’ Amongst them’’. The rest of 135,000, men too met the fate as stoically, All over the empire. The reason being the flag of the prophet had been “unfurled” on them by a devious, sultan. The cause of none resistance was, that the janissaries, had been the custodians of the same flag in the past. It was only “unfurled” in grave circumstances thus was the signal of the final act,” to do or die.” for it. Thus died the Manhood of the empire, with its destruction ended the State. Eventually what had been the gravest threat to the whole Europe, within a year, the powers of West had forced the ill-fated Sultan, “By the treaty of London,” on 6th july1827 to grant autonomy to Greece who were to be governed by a prince of their choice. (Christian).

With the destruction of ‘yenicheri’, Mehmet Ali, viceroy of ‘’Egypt’’, too revolted and was at the doors of Istanbul, from the eastern and southern side. He was made by these powers, a hereditary ruler of Egypt, by a, ’’fireman’’ issued by the new boy sultan, abd-ul-majid (1839-61).through him these powers introduced, edicts, called “tanzimats “much to the pleasure of the merchant classes and traders of the empire, who were all Christians & Jews, for whom all these efforts in the breakup of the structure were done, through the hands of a doomed sultan, named Mahmud the second. Followed by an equally, ill-omened, ruler.


Naveed Tajammal, a world class historian is a member board of advisors , Opinion Maker. he has a research of over 25 years in the Muslim history with a specific focus on Indus Civilisation.

To read Part I click HERE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

United Against Knowledge

The Guardian reported today that two Israeli groups have set up training courses in subversive Wikipedia editing aiming to 'show the other side' of the Jewish State.

Those who lend their pen to the Palestinian cause know about Wikipedia Jews, a term that was coined a few years ago. It refers to a bunch of rabid and crypto Zionists who constantly vandalise encyclopaedia entries to do with Palestine, Palestinian activists and Israeli atrocities.

According to the Guardian two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in "Zionist editing".

Yesha Council, representing the Jewish settler movement ran their first workshop this week in Jerusalem, teaching participants how to ‘rewrite’ and ‘revise’ some of the most “hotly disputed pages of the online reference site.”

The Wikipideia project is a phenomenal humanist and universalist initiative. Hence, it should not take us by surprise that its biggest opponents are tribal operators, amongst them Zionists, crypto Zionists and the so called ‘Jewish anti Zionists’.

One Jerusalem-based Wikipedia editor, told the Guardian that publicising the new Zionist conspiratorial initiative might not be such a ‘good idea’. "Going public in the past has had a bad effect," she says. "There is a war going on and unfortunately the way to fight it has to be underground."

One may be surprised to discover that chief amongst ‘Wikipedia Jews’ is alleged ‘Anti Zionist’ Roland Rance. Rance, is a London based Jewish Marxist who spends most of his time peppering Wikipedia entries with Judeo-centric context. Roland Rance was also one of the leading opponents of Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), probably the most successful Palestinian solidarity operation in the UK.

Here is a snapshot of Rance’s relentless attempt to vandalise Israel Shamir’s Wikipedia entry last week.

Wikipedia Jews have history behind them. According to the Guardian, in 2008, members of the hawkish pro-Israel watchdog Camera who secretly planned to edit Wikipedia were banned from the site by administrators. There is a war going on my own Wikipedia entry. More than once Wikipedia Administrators have been called in just to remove contamination by Rance and other Zionists.

The Wikipedia project is all about knowledge and the availability of knowledge. Is it a coincidence that political Jews in the right and in the left are united to subvert this project? I do not think so. Once again we come across what seems to be Zionist continuum. They are all united against knowledge.

Apparently The organisiers of the Zionist Wikipedia courses, are already planning a competition to find the "Best Zionist editor", with a prize of a hot-air balloon trip over Israel. I guess that by now we know who should be the candidate for the blue & white air balloon adventure....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

ISRAEL is part and parcel of the EU Mafiosi gathering of Gangsters in Brussels

Injured civilian victims of Israeli wars...and Israel and the US assassins are about to do it again...

The Italian Mafiosi/Fascist/Zionist Prime Minister Silvio CIA Berlusconi, who visited Israel in February of 2010, has said that his "greatest desire" is to see Israel join the European Union.[15]

Friends of Israel appear to work with the fascists and mafias in Europe and all over the world....

Michael Ledeen is a CIA/MOSSAD asset and a lackey friend of Israel.
Peter Chamberlin ('NEOCONSERVATISM - FASCIST ZIONISM') links Ledeen to the terrorism in Europe associated with Operation Gladio....

They were killed when a Sikorsky helicopter crashed in Romania during a NATO military exercise. (
IAF unit prepares to fly home with bodies of Romania crash victims)

On 31 July 2010, it was reported that Israel has crept into the EU without anyone noticing

It reminds us that Israel murdered more than 1,500 Palestinians in Gaza 19 months ago - more than 390 of them children.

It asks what Nato is doing when it plays war games with an army accused of war crimes?

And it asks what on earth the EU is doing when it befriends the Israelis?

David Cronin has written that "Israel has developed such strong political and economic ties to the EU over the past decade that it has become a member state of the union in all but name."

In 2009, Javier Solana, who runs the EU's foreign policy said that "Israel, allow me to say, is a member of the European Union without being a member of the institution".

It points out that David Cameron calls himself a "friend of Israel"....but he is in fact a Zionist/CIA/MOSSAD puppet and stooge.

Israel used British passports for its MOSSAD murderers in Dubai.

Britain makes lots of money from selling weapons to Israel.

In 2006, the year in which Israel slaughtered another 1,400 Lebanese, almost all of them civilians, Britain granted over 200 weapons licences to Israel.

According to David Cronin, Apache helicopters used against the Palestinians, contain parts made by SPS Aerostructures in Nottinghamshire, Smiths Industries in Cheltenham, Page Aerospace in Middlesex and Meggit Avionics in Hampshire.

According to Fisk, Israel gives "logistics" help to Nato in Afghanistan, where we are annually killing even more Afghans than the Israelis usually kill Palestinians, or Lebanese...

Cronin explains that the European taxpayers pay for projects in Gaza.

Then US taxpayers pay for the weapons which Israel uses to destroy them.

Then EU taxpayers pay for the whole lot to be rebuilt.

And then US taxpayers...

The Jewish terrorist groups Irgun and the Stern Gang were active in Britain a few decades ago.
In 1946, a number of bombs exploded in London.

And there were plans to crash an aircraft into the House of Commons, and to murder members of the British armed forces.

The House of Commons was saved when French Police discovered members of the Stern Gang preparing to fly across the channel in a plane containing a large bomb.

The British Embassy in Rome was bombed.

In November 1944 Lord Moyne was murdered by members of the Stern gang in Cairo and there are reliable reports of plans to assassinate Government Ministers, including the Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevan.

In 1940, The Stern Gang proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany.

Allegedly, Marc Dutroux had links to the Jewish mafia.

One of Dutroux's accomplices was Benjamin Weinstein - the money man 'who traveled to Tel Aviv...'.

"Throughout its history, Mossad has used London unofficially as a site for major operations." (dailymail.Kidnappings-car-bombs-hit-squads-U)