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Is It Time for a rematch against Hezbollah in Lebanon....?

U.S. Navy ships move closer to Lebanon amid tensions....

The USS Cole (DDG-67) guided missile destroyer arrived off the coast of Lebanon
on Feb. 28. The move comes as Syria faces less pressure from several parties,
since it has already struck a deal that will end Shawkat’s crisis, in the murder investigations. A single warship off the Lebanese coast does not pose any military threat to Syria, and the United States likely is not trying to provoke Damascus
into a military confrontation.... nor is it trying to confiscate any assets for
the Assads and Makhloufs in USA or anywhere.
These moves are designed to cover their tracks in the White House Murder Inc.,
a joint venture with Assef Shawkat, MOSSAD and CIA, primed for action since the
late 1990s...with over 20 Assassinations already in the bag....with more to come.


The United States has sent the guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) to the coast of Lebanon as a “show of support” for regional stability, a senior U.S. official said Feb. 28. The official said the warship left Malta on Feb. 25 and was headed toward Lebanon, adding that it will not be within visible range of the country.... for now. The Cole participated in combat operational maneuvers in the Azores recently, in coordination with Israeli forces, in preparation for a rematch in South Lebanon soon...

The move comes as Syria is not facing any mounting pressure from any fronts to strike a deal over Lebanon that will ease the country out of its political crisis. Sending a single warship to the Lebanese coast, however, does not pose a direct military threat to Syria, and the United States is highly unlikely to bring Damascus into a military confrontation at this stage, because USA, ISRAEL And Syria have already struck a DEAL, which translated into the Murder of Imad Moughnieh,by Assef Shawkat's goons, as a first installment, and protection for the Syrian Killer Regime...

Instead, the Cole is meant to send a signal to Hezbollah not be sitting too comfortably. The West is already bracing for Hezbollah’s retaliation for the Feb. 12 assassination of its chief commander, Imad Mughniyah, and rumors are circulating that Hezbollah has plans to step up its militant campaign in the coming weeks. Israel has decided that now is the time for a rematch against Hezbollah in Lebanon, having the Cole nearby for support is handy....

An early Flight I Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the Cole is a highly capable multimission warship. Though not able to embark helicopters, it can refuel them. Perhaps the most highly capable air defense platform on the planet, the Cole also brings to bear a significant anti-ship and land attack capability in the form of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles and a 5-inch gun.

This, necessarily means that U.S.-Israeli coordinated military action in Lebanon is imminent; there is a good degree of utility in spooking Hezbollah into thinking that the Shiite militant group’s days are numbered...., since war plans are already laid out in Israel and Washington DC, and BUSH was presented with complete operational WAR Invasion plans, on his last visit to ISRAEL.

Stratfor, the world's leading Disinformation for CIA, Texas funded and Texas based, intelligence is never provided.... For any additional disinformation, please visit @stratfor.

The White House to Receive Convicted War Criminal Samir Geagea ?
Washington, D.C., 2008 -

The George W. Bush Administration is set for an official meeting in March
with a convicted Lebanese warlord, widely recognized for planning, ordering
and committing war crimes that left permanent scars on the minds and bodies
of thousands of Lebanese citizens. Mr. Samir Geagea was the leader of the
"Lebanese Forces militia" during the Lebanese war that lasted from 1975 to
1990. His bloody history against the people and the national army of Lebanon
has shaped Lebanon's modern history, leaving behind thousands of widows,
orphans, handicapped and displaced people, as well as destroyed public and
private property. If for any reason Samir Geagea should be in the United
States, it should be to stand trial for his war crimes against the families
and friends of many Lebanese-Americans who either lived or witnessed the
Lebanese war.

As of 1994, Geagea was tried and convicted for four crimes - only a small
portion of his long list of war crimes that we have listed below for your
reference. He was convicted for:

1. The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Rachid Karami

2. The assassination of a former leading figure in the Lebanese Forces
militia, Elias Zayek

3. The assassination of Christian leader Dany Chamoun with his wife and two
young children (ages 5 and 7)

4. The assassination attempt against Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of the
Interior Michel Murr.

[5. The cold blooded murder of Tony Frangieh, his wife and baby daughter and
35 hapless Lebanese***]

[6. Murder of Ghaith Khoury (head of the kataeb militia in Jbeil) and Emile
Azzar (LF fighter)... And the assassination attempts of Fouad Abou Nader (LF
commander) and ... Elie Hobeika.****]

[7. Geagea also killed Brigadier General Khalil Kanaan (Army officer) and
Rizkallah (Razouk) Atik (LF fighter), brother of Hanna Atik (Hanoun, chef of
the former Saddem elite LF unit) and tried to kill Assaad (Asso) Shaftari
( Deputy to Mr. Elie Hobeika). These names are also very important.****]

[8. He also hanged,killed, murdered, maimed, imprisoned, tortured, with
instant expeditious "justice" made to measure for his opponents, whereby
thousands of them where put in cement and dumped at sea.
He is also responsible for extortion, kidnappings, drugs and guns trading
in Lebanon and overseas, collecting forcibly undue taxes from every home and
business in Lebanon's areas where his thuggish Militias reigned with direct
CIA support for over 5 years, acting as a Proxy Militia for CIA, funded
and paid for with US Tax payers Dollars...

But you need to know that Geagea did all this killings and attempts via
Nader Sukkar (opposition MP of Baalbeck Hermel), Ghassan Touma (who lives in
the US), Tony Obeid (who lives in Australia) and Raji Abdo, Naji N. Najjar,
Walid Phares, Ziad Abdelnour, (who live in the US).****]

* Annex: The cold blooded murder by firing squad of a LF member
Mr. Samir Zeinoun, who was accused by Geagea of "treason", and
was sentenced to death instantly, in 1988 . The most gruesome aspect
of that Murder is that it was "sanctioned" by Bkerke, since Bkerke and
Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir in particular, at the behest of Samir Geagea,
sent a priest to give Mr. Samir Zeinoun "final Blessings" before he
was to be executed, which is so repulsive to all Lebanese until this very
day, whereby the family of the victim is filing charges against Samir
Geagea anew in March 2008, having filed a lawsuit in 1989 which
fell on deaf ears ever since.

Zayek was a Christian leader who posed a threat to Geagea's dreams of the
militia leadership. Dany Chamoun, son of late Lebanese President Camille
Chamoun, was one of the most active and independent Christian leaders during
the Syrian invasion of 1990, and was also a threat to Geagea's ambition of
being the sole Christian leader. In 1990, Geagea commenced his collaboration
with the brutal Syrian regime at the expense of the Lebanese people.

Although he was not convicted, Geagea was suspected of bombing the Maronite
Catholic church of Saydet Najat in Jounieh, in which tens of worshipers were
killed in 1994. The judges could not convict him "for insufficient evidence"
as per the official verdict. Geagea was sentenced to death for his
assassination crimes, and the sentence was later reduced to lifetime in

Geagea only spent 11 years in jail, and was pardoned in a special bill
passed by the Lebanese parliament on July 18, 2005. An interesting condition
about this "special pardon" is that it not only included Geagea, but also
included a score of Al Qaeda-inspired extremists who were captured after
conducting terrorist attacks against the Lebanese army and civilians in
2001. Geagea's release is perceived by many people as a cover up and
distraction for the release of these Islamist extremists.

A leader of a relatively insignificant political party, Geagea holds no
public official or representative status. This criminal and insignificant
party leader holds no official title or position in the Lebanese government
to be received by the Bush Administration or the Republican Party.

To grant a US entry visa to a convicted war criminal such as Samir Geagea,
and to permit him to defile the land of the free is not only against US law,
but is also an unacceptable deed, and a great insult to the American people
and to the values inherent in the American Constitution (Please see note
below from Department of Homeland Security). Criminals such as Geagea should
not set foot on the soil of the United States, not to mention that of the
White House or the Capitol Building. The eyes that enjoyed gazing coldly at
the grief of hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
sons, daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers from all over the world,
should never be allowed to look toward the home of the brave.

We trust that the Congress and the Administration of the United States will
take the proper measures to put an end to this ill-conceived visit.

Lebanese Americans for Justice.



من يتحمّل مسؤوليّة الانهيار المسيحي؟

01 آذار 2008

جوزف ريشا - عشرون سنة مرّت والوجود المسيحي في لبنان يسجّل انحداراً ما دونه انحدار... السؤال البديهي هنا من يتحمل المسؤولية؟ من المنطقي ألّا نجد صعوبة كبيرة في الإجابة عن هذا السؤال، وخاصة أن الانهيار المسيحي حدث ويحدث في ظلّ القيادات والمرجعيات نفسها منذ أكثر من عقدين: الكاردينال صفير على رأس الكنيسة، العماد عون والسيد سمير جعجع على رأس أكبر شريحتين شعبيتين، بالإضافة إلى زعامات عائلية وإقطاعية تتماهى مع واحدة من هذه المرجعيات ولكن بشكل خاص مع الكنيسة لحسابات تاريخية كثيراً ما جمعت الإقطاع الديني والعائلي حتى في خندق واحد.
فرغم الهزائم العسكرية التي مني بها المسيحيون مع بداية الثمانينيات نتيجة إقحام المجتمع المسيحي في محور متحالف مع إسرائيل ومن ثم مع دول غربية تخلت عنه عند أول مفترق، بقي هذا المجتمع متماسكاً بعض الشيء لحين ولادة اتفاق الطائف، ومن هنا بدأت المشكلة، وما قبل الاتفاق وبعده نوجز أهم المراحل:
ــ من عام 1984 لغاية عام 1988 قبل وصول العماد عون إلى رئاسة الحكومة العسكرية قام السيد سمير جعجع بخمسة انقلابات و«تصحيحات» وانتفاضات وإلغاءات ضدّ كل من قائد القوات السابق فؤاد أبو ناضر ورئيس الهيئة التنفيذية في القوات إيلي حبيقة والرئيس السابق أمين الجميل لأسباب متنوعة، من توحيد الجهد العسكري ورفع يد السيطرة العائلية الجميلية عن قيادة القوات وبالتالي المجتمع المسيحي، إلى ضرب الاتفاق الثلاثي الذي يتضمّن تنازلات مسيحية، ومن ثم حربين ضدّ الجيش اللبناني بقيادة عون. ــ نهاية الحرب العسكرية باجتياح سوري لقصر بعبدا عام 1990 وهزيمة عون وتطبيق اتفاق الطائف برعاية أميركية ــ سورية ــ سعودية.
ــ زمن الوصاية الشاملة من عام 1990 لغاية الانسحاب السوري بعد اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري ومرحلة الأزمة الحالية المستمرة.
هنا، وبعد سرد هذه المحطات الرئيسية، نطرح الأسئلة التالية التي يمكن وضعها في خانة الأسئلة الاتهامية:

1 ـ لماذا حدث النزف داخل الصف المسيحي خلال الانتفاضات والتصحيحات وما إلى ذلك من تسميات لمعارك، بحجة رفع اليد العائلية وتوحيد الجهد الحربي وحفظ المقاومة، وما دام السيد جعجع سيكون أول من يسلّم السلاح إلى جمهورية الطائف كما أنه اليوم الذراع الشوارعية للإقطاعيات العائلية والطبقية والمدافع الشرس عن البيوتات السياسية والسلالات.
2 ـ لماذا أهدرت أرواح مئات الشباب المسيحي خلال هجوم جعجع على إيلي حبيقة لإلغاء الاتفاق الثلاثي، ما دام جعجع بغطائه العسكري والكاردينال صفير بغطائه الروحي سيمهّدان الطريق أمام اتفاق الطائف الأكثر إجحافاً بحق المسيحيين.
3 ـ لماذا الدفاع المستميت عن الطائف من جانب الكاردينال صفير والسيد جعجع واعتبار أنّ شوائبه تتلخّص فقط بعدم التطبيق الصحيح متغاضين عن ثُغره الكثيرة وعن تحويل الرئيس الماروني إلى منصب كرتوني.
4 ـ لماذا دخل السيد جعجع مشاركاً في أولى حكومات الاحتلال السوري بعد عام 1990.
5 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير واعترف بمجلس النوّاب المُقاطَع من جانب المسيحيّين واستقبل نوّابه المنتخبين بأصوات لا تتجاوز الثلاثة أصفار بحيث أعطاهم اعترافاً حجبه عنهم الشعب.

6 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير إلى تغطية الفئة المسيحية الموالية للحريرية بعد موقفه الشهير لدى تطبيق قانون غازي كنعان الانتخابي؟.
7 ـ لماذا يقوم الكاردينال صفير بمهاجمة المعارضة المسيحية بشكل شبه دائم بينما لا يحرّك ساكناً عن رفض جعجع ــــــ الجميل لقانون 1960 الانتخابي الذي أيّده مراراً، وهل بات سيد بكركي ومسيحيوه المفضّلون خط دفاع عن المشروع الحريري، إلى حد إعلان جعجع جهاراً رفض قانون 1960 بحجة أنه ليس لمصلحة المسيحيين وعدّد الأسباب التالية:
أ ـ رفض إبقاء قضائي بعلبك والهرمل دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن كلّاً من القضاءين يمثّل منفرداً أو متّحداً غالبية شيعية جارفة).
ب ـ رفض إبقاء قضاءي مرجعيون وحاصبيا دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن ضم القضاءين في دائرة واحدة يجعل من المسيحيين في حال تحالفهم مع سنّة الشريط الحدودي وحلفاء جعجع الدروز أغلبية راجحة).
ولكن مهلاً، الغاية من رفض القانون من جانب جعجع ومسيحيي الحريري ليست بخافية على جاهل فهي:
أولاً: الخوف على مسيحيي السلطة في أقضية زغرتا ـــــ الكورة والبترون حيث للمعارضة المسيحية أرجحية كبيرة.
ثانياً: الخوف على وليد جنبلاط وتحجيمه في الجبل الدرزي حيث سيخسر حتماً قضاء بعبدا حيث الأرجحية للمعارضة.
ثالثاً: الخوف على الحليف السني في بيروت، حيث إن تقسيم العاصمة إلى 3 دوائر سيفقد سيطرة السنّة الكاملة على المناطق المسيحية والشيعية من العاصمة.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The quiet relationship between Israel and Iran

With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves are unprecedented.

Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery Syrian/Israeli Car BOMB, with CIA's Blessing... aiding and abetting, covering-up, inventing disinformation to muddy the waters... etc.

The quiet relationship between Israel and Iran.

Syria's role in leaning on Hezbollah


WMR has learned of additional pressure being brought to bear by Syria's enigmatic military intelligence service, led by Syrian President Bashar al Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shawkat, on Lebanese Hezbollah.

Yesterday, WMR reported on Shawkat's role in eliminating Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh with a car bomb in Damascus. The role of Asef Shawkat's covert operatives has been evident since the January 24, 2002 car bombing in Beirut of Lebanese Member of Parliament, ex-Minister and Popular Christian political leader Mr. Elie Hobeika. The car bombings by Shawkat's operatives gave critical plausible deniability to the CIA and Mossad. Hobeika was, according to our intelligence sources, aware of the links between The Club, Assef Shawqat, Iran, the United States, and Israel,and much much more...

Lebanon has not been responsive to the Bush Administration. It has had to endure serial failures during a thirteen-years run of failed projects in Lebanon....since the advent of the cacophonies of Netanyahu , Clean Break, PNAC, JINSA and the Neocons...Mr. Elie Hobeika was MURDERED by the USA's CIA, in collaboration with MOSSAD and ASSEF Shawkat's goons, PRECISELY because ALL these plans were presented to him, packaged obviously in obfuscated ways... trying to "entice" him, "incentivize" him to join.... in this "Endeavor" and the New alliance of CIA/MOSSAD.... but Mr. Hobeika "saw through" their "presentations..." UTTER Failure, and an attempt to pull him into a "quagmire" of sorts.... in order to sink him into carrying their dirty hats.... one more time.... in an abominably unfair way... which is always their way.....That's why ELIE Hobeika refused all their attempts at pulling him back into their charades.... and their miserable plans of the 70s and 80s.... etc.

Among these were the murder of Rafik Hariri, the 2006 July War, the tempting 'forward reaching' NATO airbase at Kleiat, importing Salafists to fight Hezbollah, trying to organize a Northern Sunni army around Tripoli and Akkar to fight the Shia in the South, offering to fund a third Shia political party to confront Hezbollah and Amal, working to ignite a civil war, and since January 24th 2002, proven allegations of a 'green light' for political assassinations in an attempt to finger and use Syria.... as a willing partner and convenient cover for their dark plans, by way of Elliott Abrams, Assef Shawqat etc. and their Lebanese/Syrian Cohorts... The Club is nearly at its wits end and is becoming aggressive, according to many Staff Member at the US Senate Intelligence Committee.... and various Intelligence sources in Europe and the USA....

That knowledge, and the fact mentioned in earlier intelligence reports, that he adamantly refused offers, inducing him to join this covert US strategy , since the latter part of the 1990s, and because it is a given, for people "in the know", that had he been alive today, he would be able to decipher with great ease, all these covert links, was considered dangerous in some circles in Damascus, Jerusalem, and Washington... Hence, the Savage assassination of January 24th 2002, by Shawqat's goons....

WMR has also learned from our Middle East sources that the capture by the French Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (DST) of a Hezbollah cell in France and the simultaneous rolling up of another Hezbollah cell in Morocco by Moroccan intelligence, came as a result of information provided directly by Shawkat. Apparently, Shawkat wanted to warn Hezbollah against retaliation for the Mughniyah assassination.

The ploy to send a warning to Hezbollah from Damascus had its limits. A French security and intelligence delegation from France is due in Beirut today to work out a quiet deal on the capture of the Hezbollah cell in France, and the Hezbollah cell in Morocco has not been charged with any crimes. However, it is clear that Hezbollah is being warned that its operations can be contained with the help of Syria and, to a lesser extent, Iran.

As far as Iran's discrete ties to Israel are concerned, WMR has learned from Middle East sources that Iran's former top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, is a descendant of one of Tehran's wealthiest Jewish merchant families. Larijani remains a member of the Iranian National Security Council and is a top adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

These familial religious links and pasts are not lost on Israeli leaders. Israel's former President, Moshe Katsav, forced from office over sexual assault allegations from female staffers, is an ethnic Iranian. On September 25, 2006, WMR reported, "Moshe Katsav, an Iranian Yazdi Jew, is said to have an important direct link to former Iranian President Mohamed Khatami. One of Katsav's cousins studied with Khatami at Tehran University."

Such old religious ties are not merely limited to Iran. A top Saudi journalist told this editor that many people in Saudi Arabia are well aware that the present ruling Saud ruling family are descendants of a Jewish merchant family from Basra, in present-day Iraq. Their ancestor is Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe, who changed his name to Markhan bin Ibrahim Musa. One of Markhan's sons was named Saud, an ancestor of the ruling Saud family. There have been and remain close and discrete links between Israeli and Saudi intelligence, as well as quiet financial and other commercial ties between the two nations.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Behind the Media smoke screens of the Middle East.

With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves are unprecedented.

Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery Syrian/Israeli Car BOMB, with CIA's Blessing, aiding and abetting, since 1997, when he adamantly refused to play Ball again...
February , 2008 -- Behind the media smoke screen in the Middle East.

Reality paints a much different picture of Middle East covert operations.

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell tipped his hand just a bit when he recently opined that Syria may have been responsible for the February 12 car bombing in Damascus of Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh. McConnell, according to WMR's Middle East Intelligence sources, provided only a small part of the ntelligence cooperation that actually occurs in the Middle East between factions from the Syrians, Iranians, Israelis, and Americans.

It is becoming apparent that the head of Syrian military intelligence, Assef Shawqat, and a group of his operatives in Syria and Lebanon have been carrying out a number of car bombings, including that of Mughniyeh and Lebanese politicians, in order to provide "plausible deniability" and a firewall between Syria and the Israelis and Americans. This whole Covert effort started in earnest with the Assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika, January 24th 2002. Mr. Hobeika was closest to this group, earlier in his career, hence it was decided to take him out of the picture first, because he adamantly refused offers to induce him to join this whole strategy anew, since the latter part of the 1990s, and because it is a given, for people "in the know", that had he been alive today, he would be able to decipher all these covert links with exact details, names, and more...! Significantly, Shawkat is the brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

WMR's sources report that "a faction" within the Iranian military decided to help the Shawkat faction take out Mughniyeh in order to avoid an outbreak of war between Hezbollah and Israel in south Lebanon and a possible concurrent "shock and awe" US air strike on Iran. Hezbollah's operational command maintains close links with the Iranian embassies in Syria and Lebanon. In addition, Hezbollah's Special Security Apparatus is provided with weapons, military training, and money by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Al Qods force of the IRGC.

Shawkat has maintained close ties with the CIA, providing the agency with extraordinary rendition prisons and torture rooms for individuals grabbed by CIA operatives around the world, including Canadian citizen Maher Arar, a native of Syria. In September 2006, a Canadian Commission of Inquiry concluded that Arar, who was kidnapped while transiting JFK Airport in New York, was tortured by Syrian military intelligence. The report stated that Shawkat's service tortured Arar "while interrogating him during the period he was held incommunicado at the SMI’s [Syrian Military Intelligence's] Palestine Branch facility.”

After the car bomb hit on Mughniyah in Damascus, Shawkat's intelligence operatives ensured that the scene of the bombing was completely cleansed by
first light the next morning. The only signs that the bombing had occurred were some black marks on the street and some minor damage to adjacent walls.

What is lost on the Western media is that there are covert channels between Israeli, Syrian, and Iranian intelligence. The Secretary of the conservative
Islamic Coalition Society and close friend of Ayatollah Ali Khamanei is Habibollah Asgaroladi, a radical Muslim who rejected attempts by former President Mohammad Khatami to improve relations with the United States. Khatami's entreaties were also rejected by the neocons in the George W. Bush administration.

Asgaroladi is a member of the Expediency Council, an influential advisory group in the country chaired by former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
who was the main Iranian interlocutor between the Americans and Israelis in the Iran-contra scandal during the Reagan-Bush administration in the 1980s. More noteworthy is the fact that Asgaroladi, counted as one of Iran's richest men, converted to Islam from Judaism during the time of the Shah's reign.

According to WMR's Iranian sources, beyond his radical rhetoric, Asgaroladi serves as an important back channel to Israel, especially in matters of trade matters. Asgaroladi's position in Iran has been likened by WMR's Middle East sources to the large number of Turkish leaders whose families converted
from Judaism to Islam before and after the Turkish secular revolution of Kemal Ataturk. In fact, knowledgeable Turkish sources report that Ataturk,
himself, was one such convert. These Turkish leaders provide much of the support for close Turkish-Israeli relations, including military and intelligence links.

Our Middle East intelligence sources report that the Syrians, Israelis, and Iranians prefer that U.S. intelligence remain largely ignorant of "some covert" and "subtle links" between Israel, the minority Alawite Muslim regime in Damascus, and factions within the mullahs in Tehran. However, it is just possible, that ignorance by the United States... that could propel America into a disastrous military action in Iran.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves are unprecedented. Elie Hobeika, RIP.

My Intel. sources, Confirm KILLING Mr. Elie Hobeika, in January 2002, in collusion with MOSSAD and ASSEF SHAWKAT of Syrian Military Intelligence.
By R. Beer, Asso CIA td Press Writer, 2 hours, 26 minutes ago .

The former head of CIA confirmed Wednesday that the CIA/MOSSAD intelligence agencies were responsible for the car BOMB that killed Mr. Elie Hobeika and his three companions, in 2002, January 24th, at 9.40 AM, In a Beirut suburb, called Hazmieh.

Georges Tenet, who was director of CIA and special operations for the agency at the time of Mr. Elie HOBEIKA's Murder, testified that he also believes an operation by rogue agents would have been possible, since he did coordinate it with Ariel Sharon and Assef Shawkat of Syria's Military Intelligence.

As director of special operations, Kappess said it was his responsibility to sign off on any operation that would otherwise be illegal, but this operation was "shoved"
through the pipeline... by very high Intel. cadres in the White House.

The operation would then have to be approved by the foreign Spies, a senior member of the government... and Ariel Sharon.

"I can absolutely confirm that," Shaoul MOFAZ said to me.

Asked if it was possible for rogue elements to mount an operation outside the chain of command, Tenet said, Elliott Abrams is in charge of CIA, DIA, OSP, in liaison with MOSSAD, Abrams handles American inspired Assassinations in Lebanon and Syria....

"I would have regarded that as a possibility," Rove said.

Attorneys, pressed Abrams on training given to agents on the issue of assassinations....He said Lebanese and Syrians did the "dirty" work of
executing the murders, inspired by Jamil Al-Sayyed, Raymond AZAR and the
thug, Moustafa Hamdan... using ALI JABER...., General Ali El-Hajj was not
"in the Loop" so to speak, he is innocent in a way, because he was TOLD
what to do, ordered to do certain things... without him knowing what the
real finalities.... are! of what he was asked to do....

Tennet acknowledged that the agency's " assassination" policy was not put down in writing in training manuals but would have been communicated orally....

Here's a "taste" of what's to come for Lebanon.....

Annapolis will represent another signpost in the US drive to solidify the de facto unholy alliance that has bound Israel and the so-called "moderate" Arab states under US patronage. In this case, it is difficult to be optimistic about prospects for Lebanon or the region....

For Lebanon the US project means eliminating Hizbullah's core "Resistance" capabilities..., one way or the other, so as to remove Israel's only genuine security threat and deprive Syria and Iran of leverage in their own negotiations with the US regarding the Golan Heights and nuclear arms respectively....

However, in light of the failure of the July 2006 US-Israeli war to destroy Hezbollah, the US has for now shifted its strategy away from a military solution to co-opting the Lebanese state, its cronies, stooges and creeps of Elliott Abrams, itself to pursue these tasks on its behalf-much as it has done in Palestine with Abu Mazen's recent declaration of war against Hamas....

By recognizing March 14's disputed claims to executive authority (now apparently reinforced with the governments' assumption of presidential powers), encouraging it to reject the opposition's repeated calls for a national unity government, and supporting its call for the full implementation of UNSC resolution 1559, the US appears to believe it has accomplished the first stage of this strategy which has focused on removing the Resistance's official cloak of state legitimacy it enjoyed under President Lahoud....

The second phase of US strategy is to create what the Pentagon calls a "strategic alliance" with the Lebanese army--the only state institution that enjoys broad support from all Lebanese communities, regardless of sect or class-- by transforming it into a force that would confront, rather than support, the Resistance. US military aid has been rising exponentially, as has the EU's; while March 14 has been working hard to install officers loyal to its cause in a bid to reverse the army's pro-Resistance sympathies...., and the "White House Murder Inc.", was busy... Murdering those who are not compliant, as was the case, with the assassination of General Francois El-Hajj .... and More...

After seven years of ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and often actively undermining the “Road Map” and other such peace agreements, the Bush administration decided to convene Annapolis at a time when the American, Israeli, and Palestinian leaderships were in their weakest political positions; hardly a recipe for success, unless, we look at things from a different angle.

The Palestinian leadership, considered illegitimate by a large portion of Palestinians, when looked at from this new angle, barely makes it into the picture as the disposable policy conduit of the heavy weights, the U.S. and Israel.

The only way we can understand and explain Annapolis is through the consistent behavior of both the U.S. and Israel over the last years; through their methods of operation - that would hardly change overnight - and not through their words or photo ops. We need to look for similarities in their policies and approaches and to consider where they would be implemented next and how Annapolis would facilitate that.

Fighting terrorism and outside threats is at the core of both American and Israeli domestic and foreign policies and their sustainability depends on such threats. Recently, even though such threats have not diminished, the populations all over the world have adjusted to their levels as in the case of Al-Qaeda, or outright rejected them as insignificant regional threats as in the case of the violence between Israelis and Palestinians, even worse for Israel, more and more the violence is perceived as disproportionately one sided and a direct result of the occupation of Palestinian lands and Israeli intransigence.

For the U.S. and Israel to preserve their policies and strategic objectives, the threat level has to evolve and increase beyond what it is today.

The grounds are being prepped for such an increase and Annapolis is but a “signpost”, it is so correctly cautioned. The U.S. and Israel are actively engaged, through the use of military force, economic pressure, financial incentives, political arm-twisting, etc…, in creating and widening rifts between countries and within populations in the Middle East in order to transform an entire region stretching from Pakistan to Algeria.

By the day, the rifts are expanding in Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine, and it is no secret that the U.S. is going to implement the so-called successes of the Anbar province of Iraq, paying a segment of the population for forcibly policing another, in the volatile Tribal Regions of Pakistan. We also know of clandestine operations in Iran to undermine the Iranian government through discontented minorities. Such clandestine operation could also be taking place elsewhere.

The large and enduring threat that the U.S. and Israel are looking for can be described as a contiguous swath of land where the so-called radical Muslims roam unchecked. The relationships between populations and countries that compose it is of no consequence as long as, to the average western observer, the region resembles an incomprehensible and menacing brew, a sort of an active volcano, impossible to control or predict, that could spew its terrorism lava at any moment and only the vigilant eye of the U.S. and its allies could protect the world.

“with us or against us” will be redefined and re-imposed. Even though the question is the same as after 9/11, the scope is different. After 9/11, it was imposed on countries, now, it will be imposed on individuals in the greater Middle East region; it will be the question that defines the fault line of a rift.

Annapolis is the forum where the new “with us or against us” was formally proposed and the Palestinian issue will be split in half along the fault line it creates. There will be moderate Palestinians who are “with us”, and radicals “against us”; the Palestinian issue would be solved by simply having it vanish.

Annapolis is where Israel is given the cover to pursue two diametrically opposed policies. One that would reward a so-called moderate (compliant) West Bank with some form of peace while the other would punish Gaza with the harshest of treatments to make certain that Gaza is forced into the “against us” camp.

The so-called moderate Arab states would use the treatment of the West Bank as the fig leaf they so desperately need to relieve them from the burdensome Palestinian issue. They might even help rehabilitate Israel, normalize relationships, or even form an alliance if Israel is made to be perceived as the only regional power that could counter-balance a menacing nuclear Iran.

In contrast, the treatment of Gaza, which is mostly Muslim, would be a stronger rallying cry for the radicals and would surely increase their fervor and numbers.

Both sides of the rift, the “with us” and “against us”, would have their supporting arguments but they are no longer countries, they are now individuals. The net effect of this policy toward the Palestinian issue would be the polarization of Arab and Muslim societies down to the smallest of social units; the rift will be within families, even between couples.

Still, this is not sufficient for the U.S. and Israel since these individuals are too dispersed. If we were to think of this new policy toward Palestine as the driving force behind this rift, the critical mass where all the ingredients are present, the powder keg that would make it happen is Pakistan and no one other than bin Laden is holding the match.

In his recent audio, released through Al-Jazeera, bin Laden hinted at the illegality of the War in Afghanistan but supplied no credible evidence. His attempt at driving a wedge between Europe and the U.S. could only be described as amateurish and his allegations dismissed as bogus.

As someone who has researched and written extensively on the legality of the Afghanistan war, I can assure you that bin Laden’s allegations are no joke. The Afghanistan war was illegal beyond the Iraq war; the victims of the Afghanistan war are not only the innocent civilians, but also every soldier who has died, and even you and I.

It is reported that bin Laden’s recent release targeted Europe’s population. The truth is, it targeted U.S. and European leaderships since they are the only ones who knew what he was talking about.

The proper evidence will be supplied by bin Laden sooner or later since the West would never dare supply it. It will surface when it benefits him the most. The most likely time would be, since it also fits the often observed symbiotic relationship between him and Bush, shortly after Musharraf, the Pakistani president, launches the long awaited military campaign against the Tribal Regions with the help of U.S. military advisers.

Should we wait for bin Laden to light the fuse when it benefits him and those imposing the “with us or against us” option, or, should I inform you now in the hope that you could resurrect the good options?

Since I have written about this crime extensively, and fulfilled my duty by informing the Democratic Judiciary Committees in both U.S. House and Senate, I see no reason why you should not have known about it even sooner.

What bin Laden said is true; the evidence that Al-Qaeda bore the sole responsibility for 9/11 was obtained by the U.S., through human intelligence, on September 26, 2001, ten days before the invasion of Afghanistan.

The tape released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001, showing bin Laden confessing to Khaled Al-Harbi of his involvement in the attacks was the result of a sting operation run by U.S. intelligence with the help of Saudi intelligence on September 26, 2001.

Intelligence operatives had four days advance notice of the date of the meeting and taping, twenty four hours advance notice of its location, and knew that bin Laden would be in that village for at least three hours if not overnight since his family also lived in that village.

Instead of killing him or capturing him as per Bush’s famous promise “dead or alive”, this perfectly scripted opportunity was used to tape him. If bin Laden was killed or captured on that date, the U.S. would not have had any international support or legal standing to invade Afghanistan ten days later.

Based on actions by NATO, and statements by high-ranking Pakistani officials in the beginning of October 2001, the evidence seems to have been shared with them because of their importance in the war effort, but, such evidence of bin Laden’s guilt was not shared with the Taliban even though they offered bin Laden in exchange.

The U.S. had the military clout and, so shortly after 9/11, the strong international support that would have forced the Taliban to hand over bin Laden and avert war if evidence of his guilt was provided. This is also the path dictated by the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter. The U.S. chose to conceal the evidence and go ahead with the invasion; that is what bin Laden means by “the U.S. insisted”.

The release of such information by bin Laden, coupled with verses from the Koran, Hadeeth, or Muslim history relating to acts of treason against Islam or the Prophet, augmented by announcement of the capture of a Saudi intelligence cell inside Al-Qaeda assigned to kill him, would surely inflame sentiments in Pakistan and elsewhere against Musharraf and his patrons, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The rift could only get wider and would stretch from Pakistan to Gaza on the Mediterranean and maybe even Algeria and Morocco on the Atlantic; now that is big enough. Iran, caught in the middle would be further isolated and cut off from an important energy client, India. The U.S. would re-deploy to the safety of the Kurdish area in Iraq and meddle at its leisure while the rest of Iraq plunges into a civil war. The Iraqi Sunnis would rely on the U.S. for military support, and Saudi Arabia for financial support and volunteers. Iran would be sucked deeper into the conflict.

This last option, “with us or against us”, put on the table in Annapolis is a lose-lose proposition; it is an ugly choice between sides of a rift at the expense, and thereby demise, of all the good options that reflect peoples’ aspirations, interests, visions, and true potential.


Special Investigation.
Let me make some Facts clear ounce and for all....
The ONLY reason why the ASSADS are still in
power in Syria, is because Israel's Government
and Security establishment supports a Alawite
Regime in Syria. Period.
Now, the Assads Regime "might" be showing
some "cracks" from INSIDE it's structure, based
on Family and Billions Stolen, tens of Billions....
since the "advent" of Assef Shawkat....
Assef Shawkat "rammed" through the Assad's
family, like a Bullet Train in the 90s, and married
Bushra.... following the Murder of BASIL
Basil was adamantly opposed to this Monster....

He rose through the ranks....especially since 2002.
He moved way up on Feb. 13th 2005....
In Feb. "13th 2008".... he is making moves for the
KILL against the ASSADS, in order to become the
NEW Dictator of Damascus himself NOW..... because
BASHAR is too "enamored" with Hassan Nasrallah.....
and ASSEF is not...Assef is supported by the USA's
services to the hilt, and they are trying to Help him
make and prepare a winning strategy to replace
with the "couple" ASSEF / BUSHRA ASSAD....
Israel can live with this Strategy and is supporting
it NOW. ........ may be !!!
Israel will never support a Strategy of Removing the
Alawites completely, to replace them with a Sunni
dominated Regime, which Chirac and Bush were....
contemplating.... some time ago in 2006.... in fact
BUSH and US services, when push came to shove.....
DID Not support even including Damascus in
the Israeli campaign of 2006, but pushed Chirac
into coming out openly..., asking for it publicly,
and the Israelis said NIET...
Now, there is a Coup D'état being "primed" in
Damascus.... the timing remains a Mystery...?
But you can be sure that Assef Shawkat
will be the winner, should he be able to Pull it off....
with the HELP OF ......????
The Lebanese can only watch, and should never
get embroiled in such a DOG's fight....
Lebanon can't remedy that, but it can
avoid tactless behavior that worsens
the situation....
One key fact to remember. In addition to acting as a
"lily pad" from which the US and NATO can project
power into Syria, Iraq, and beyond... we are meddling
into muddy waters already... as is the case in .........



February 13th, 2005 -- ! To February 13th, 2008..."A SEA Change" in the making.

Bush's strangest Syrian bedfellow: Assef Shawkat, Head of Syria's Military Intelligence... At center of suspicion in Hezbollah leader's car bombing.... of America's "Most Wanted" Imad F. Mugniyah.
The head of Syrian military intelligence, Assef Shawkat, is no stranger to working with the CIA. Syria has, since 9/11, served as a host for the torture of "extraordinarily renditioned" prisoners captured by the CIA. Shawkat has been at the center of the CIA's program.

WMR has learned from reliable sources that the car bombing in Damascus of Hezbollah military commander Imad Mugniyah on February 12 was carried out by Shawkat with the active encouragement and support of Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams and Israel's Mossad. WMR has reported in the past that Abrams is the coordinator within the Bush White House of political assassinations, particularly those in the Middle East, and specifically, similar car bombing assassinations in Lebanon. WMR has also previously reported that many of the car bombings in Lebanon were the result of coordination between Israeli, American, and Syrian operatives, including "rogue" Syrians and Lebanese agents in the employ of Assef Shawkat.

Mugniyah was wanted by the United States and Israel for a number of terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s, including the 1983 bombings of the US Embassy and Marine Barracks in Beirut, the 1985 hijacking of an Athens-to-Rome TWA flight in which Navy diver Robert Stethem was murdered, and the kidnapping and murder of Beirut CIA station chief William F. Buckley in 1984 and Marine Corps Lt. Col. William Higgins in 1988.

Significantly, the Israeli Prime Minister's office has denied any role in Imad Fayez Mughniyeh's assassination. However, Israeli government and intelligence officials are happy that it occurred.

Mugniyah's car exploded at around 10:45 pm in the up-market Tantheem Kafer Souseh neighborhood of Damascus. WMR has learned that the car bombing of Mugniyah was to be timed with the February 9th birthday of President Ronald Reagan, a gesture by Shawkat to the Americans, but the specially designed Mitsubishi seats containing the bombs were installed, or "activated..." later... due to "Political calculations... ", linked to the Intelligence "aims" sought....and security Concerns..., resulting in the February 12th assassination, a timing quite reminiscent for Assef Shawkat and his brutal "Henchmen".... [ Assef's last "promotion" dates to February 13th 2005...]

The "ultimate Promotion" for Assef Shawkat's LONG Murder career, with MOSSAD and CIA ... is around the corner now...Assef is on the HOT SEAT for Blowback...
Whoever carried out the operation demonstrated very impressive capabilities, in particular in collecting intelligence. That's Assef Shawkat.
Such an operation requires the most exact planning for months in advance. Precise information is needed, which must come from the target's inner circle.
That's Assef Shawkat.
They must have provided details on his daily routine, movements, hiding places and security arrangements.That's Assef Shawkat.
Planning such an operation also requires precision in getting the operators where they need to be, and even more important, they must know how to get away.
That's Assef Shawkat.
And all this must be done without leaving a trace..... That's also, Assef Shawkat.

The car, a new Mitsubishi Pajero SUV, was badly damaged in the attack "like a shredded metal can," according to Housham Nasaiseh", 19, who works in a sweetshop nearby, and arrived at the scene a few minutes after the explosion. At least nine other cars were also damaged. All this was done without leaving a trace..... That's also, Assef Shawkat....
By this morning, the car had been towed away. The scene had been cleared, and the only signs of the attack were a black mark on the ground and damage to nearby buildings....reminiscent of the car bomb attack on Mr. Elie Hobeika in Hazmieh Lebanon, January 24th 2002, 9.40 AM, when the whole area was "washed away" within a couple of hours from the attack, on orders from Syrian Military Intelligence....
Typical and Vintage Assef Shawkat.... and his goons.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Syria's government is the opacity of its underlying authority structure. While there is little doubt as to who is calling the shots in Jordan or Egypt, the question of how major decisions are made in Damascus remains shrouded in mystery....
Although President Bashar Assad is nominally in charge, real power rests within a small inner circle. Military Intelligence Chief Assef Shawkat is widely viewed as the most influential member of this circle, but his influence is partially derivative of the fact that he is married to Bashar's older sister Bushra. Though she shuns the spotlight, her behind-the-scenes political influence has been decisive at times...

In the Middle East, dates, particularly anniversaries, carry much weight. The assassination of the popular Christian Leader, Lebanese Member of Parliament, and ex-Minister in several Hariri Governments, Mr. Elie Hobeika on January 24th 2002, coincided with the birthday of Elliott Abrams..., the then-National Security Council Middle East director. Hobeika's car bombing assassination in Beirut was also carried out by Shawkat's operatives, according to WMR's Middle East sources. The Hobeika assassination was the first in a series carried out by the CIA and Mossad with the assistance of Shawkat's intelligence operatives in Lebanon.

Shawkat, by delivering the goods on the assassination of America's "Most Wanted" Imad F. Mugniyeh, has ensured that he will now receive the protection of the Bush White House in the current UN investigation of car bombings in Lebanon, most notably that of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.
Now, the 241 Marines, William F. Buckley, Colonel Higgins, Robert Stethem, the 63 Murdered at the US Embassy in 83, and many others, including French troops at Drakar, can now rest in Peace.... 25 years later.....

This is the "Arbitrage" DEAL of the Century....A "Derivatives Contract of sorts, offered to Assef Shawkat..."You GET US... Imad Moughnieh's HEAD... and we will get you off the HOOK in Rafic Hariri's Murder ....ASSEF SHAWKAT Delivered the Goods, it was an offer he could not afford to refuse.... BINGO.

This week, happens to be the Anniversary of Ronald Reagan, President Reagan,
was the President of the USA in 1983... when the Marines were "smoked" in Beirut's BIA vicinity... courtesy of Hafez Assad....The Great Criminal mind of the White House's Murder Inc., always... has targeted Imad Moughnieh, as a "present" for
Ronald Reagan's "Anniversary" Celebrations... just like he did in his earlier Assassination endeavors....
Congratulations CIA.... Your Murder Laundry now, is "worthy" of the Middle East's long record of Assassinations....

ASSEF SHAWKAT murdered Imad Moughnieh yesterday in Damascus, courtesy of Mitsubishi Corporation's well "rounded" specially designed SEATS, delivered in time, and with great Taste.... In order for Assef Shawkat to "present" his credentials, Officially... to his Masters in CIA's Langley, and Herzliah's MOSSAD and Israel.
Assef Shawkat is now the Official representative of Elliott Abrams in Damascus SYRIA. Congratulations ASSEF, and Bushra.

Now, the 241 Marines, William F. Buckley, and others, can rest in Peace.... 25 years later.....
How to protect the "Prized" asset of CIA/MOSSAD in Syria's Highest Echelons.....

Assef Shawkat ,

Sayeret Matkal elite commando unit, or Caesarea, the secret Mossad unit....

The criminal mind is one and the same...." the "Murderous alliance" made at

Langley: CIA/MOSSAD in the latter part of the 1990s until today...".

From the White House's Murder INC. ,


This is a man who knew too much! It may have been Iran or Syria or both have their hands in his assassination. He was getting old and had become liability rather than asset....
No way for outsiders to do such clean job. It was inside official Syrian style job like in Lebanon of late, since January 24th 2002, 9.40 AM in Hazmieh.... Report from Iran that Mughniyah met with Syrian defense ministry official just before being blown up. Syria has everything to gain to play one against the other. Again, no way for outsider to pull off such timing assassination.... except for Assef Shawkat, a New Mitsubishi Pajero, with a "special" Head-Rest, and seats... fit for an F15E Fighter jet......just in time for a late "supper" in Damascus. And, BINGO.
Imad is "smoked" and the White House's situation room is ecstatic and in AWE...Assef and the White House's Murder INC., has delivered , time to celebrate and Jubilate...
To top it all off.... CIA and MOSSAD have thought about it all for ASSEF this time around... he will be able to present a "believable" alibi and credible "proof" of who did what and where to the Iranians and to Hezbollah... or so they think...?
Walid Al-Moallem has come out with an official pronouncement, saying : after the Enormous Efforts of our "investigators" we will present the world with Solid, irrefutable evidence of who was behind this terrorist act..."Clap, Clap, Clap,
Mr.. Mouallem..." , this "evidence" is "packaged" with the Car Bomb assassination,
for you to "find" and disclose,to Protect your ugly stooge of MOSSAD, Assef Bushra Shawkat, and no one will buy it, rest assured....

If captured, he would spill many beans that was not to be spilled. So don't think Israel has it's hand in this assassination. People looking for revenge, please look up Bashar Assad , Assef Shawkat and BUSHRA!
The war between Hezbollah and Israel is not dependent upon one man. If Nasrallah were killed today then the war would go on. It might even go on at a bloodier and more chaotic pace. The assassination of one man set off the European tinderbox and started WW1. Perhaps some bright boy has started a similar chain of events in the Mideast. One thing is sure. The worst is yet to come...

Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation....
Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery Syro/Israeli/MOSSAD Car BOMB, with CIA's Blessing, and ACTIVE Participation, from Inception to Execution of the CRIME.
Whoever carried out the operation demonstrated very impressive capabilities, in particular in collecting intelligence. That's Assef Shawkat.
Such an operation requires the most exact planning for months in advance. Precise information is needed, which must come from the target's inner circle.
That's Assef Shawkat.
They must have provided details on his daily routine, movements, "visiting" places and security arrangements....That's Assef Shawkat.
Planning such an operation also requires precision in getting the operators where they need to be, and even more important, they must know how to get away.
That's Assef Shawkat.
And all this must be done without leaving a trace..... That's also, Assef Shawkat.
المعلم: دمشق "ستعلن اسم المسؤول عن مقتل مغنية" : ASSEF SHAWKAT
15 شباط 2008


أعلن وليد المعلم وزير الخارجية السوري أنه سيتم قريباً الكشف عن نتائج التحقيق في حادث اغتيال القائد العسكري في حزب الله عماد مغنية في دمشق.ASSEF SHAWKAT

ووعد المعلم بتقديم ادلة قاطعة على هوية من قام بالاغتيال ومن كان وراءه، ملمحاً لأول مرة إلى مسؤولية إسرائيلية. ASSEF SHAWKAT
في هذه الأثناء اذاعت قناة العالم الإيرانية شريط فيديو قالت إنه للانفجار الذي اودى بحياة مغنية في دمشق. ASSEF SHAWKAT

وقالت القناة إن الفيديو التقط عن طريق كاميرا هاتف محمول وانه اظهر السيارة المفخخة التي انفجرت بجانب سيارة مغنية وأضافت أن التفجير تم عن طريق التحكم عن بعد. ASSEF SHAWKAT

وكان وزير الخارجية السوري، قد صرح الخميس بأن التحقيقات التي تجريها اجهزة الامن السورية حول مقتل مغنية تسير بشكل جيد، وقال إن الحادث "جريمة ارهابية".ASSEF SHAWKAT

وجاء تصريح وزير خارجية سورية خلال المؤتمر الصحفي المشترك الذي عقده مع نظيره الايراني منوشهر متكي، الذي يزور دمشق حاليا بعد مشاركته في تشييع جنازة مغنية. ASSEF SHAWKAT

ونفى المعلم وجود صلة بين مقتل مغنية ومقتل رئيس الوزراء اللبناني الراحل رفيق الحريري الا من حيث التوقيت كما امتنع عن الادلاء بأي تعليق حول ما اذا كان قد تم اعتقال أي شخص في اطار التحقيق. ASSEF SHAWKAT

إلا انه اكد في الوقت نفسه أن اغتيال مغنية نسف أي فرصة للسلام بين اسرائيل وسوريا. ASSEF SHAWKAT
أما متكي فأعرب في المؤتمر الصحفي عن ثقته القوية في أن اسرائيل تقف وراء اغتيال مغنية. ASSEF SHAWKAT

وكان الأمين العام لحزب الله حسن نصر الله قد القى بمسؤولية اغتيال مهنية على اسرائيل في خطاب القاه بالامس وهو ما رفضته إسرائيل. ASSEF SHAWKAT

وما زالت سوريا واسرائيل في حالة حرب من الناحية النظرية كما شهدت الفترة الاخيرة توترا في ضوء قيام طائرات اسرائيلية باختراق المال الجوي السوري وقصف اهداف داخل اراضيها.

"العقوبات بالمثل" ASSEF SHAWKAT

وفي تطور آخر، وفي أول رد فعل على قرار البيت الابيض بتشديد العقوبات المفروضة على سورية، والذي يشمل مسؤولين حكوميين ومتعاملين معهم، قال وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلم ان دمشق سترد على تلك العقوبات "بعقوبات". ASSEF SHAWKAT

وقال المعلم ان "هذه ليست المرة الاولى التي تتخذ فيها الولايات المتحدة اجراءات ضد سورية، لكننا في هذه المرة سنعاقب الولايات المتحدة". ASSEF SHAWKAT

وكان الرئيس الامريكي جورج بوش قد قرر توسيع نطاق العقوبات المفروضة منذ عام 2004 والتي تشمل كل الصادرات الامريكية الى سورية ما عدا الاغذية والمواد الطبية.

وقد اقرت حينها هذه العقوبات بسبب اتهام واشنطن لدمشق "بدعم الارهاب الدولي وتقويض الجهود الامريكية في العراق". ASSEF SHAWKAT

واضاف المعلم: "هناك العشرات من المواطنين السوريين الذين راحوا ضحايا خلال الحرب العدوانية الاسرائيلية على لبنان، سيرفع اهلهم دعاوى لمقاضاة الولايات المتحدة، حيث استخدمت اسرائيل السلاح الامريكي في قتلهم". ASSEF SHAWKAT

I’m told by Intelligence sources that while Rafic Hariri was in the US visiting Donald Rumsfeld, he mentions Kleiat or Koley'at Airport again... but an agreement failed to materialize again.Hariri was approached by US Intelligence earlier and had refused categorically to discuss US rights for an Air Base in North Lebanon, specifically the Klei3at Airport. Rafic Hariri was eyeing a pristine stretch of beach front land properties north of Tripoli , stretching for miles inland and into the hills behind it, and north to AKKAR . These beaches are of an immense value for a developer and Hariri had huge plans for the area,after he finds a permanent solution to settle the Palestinian refugees elsewhere. He had specific plans for that too, but did not want any Syrian meddling into these monumental projects, and local SUNNI traditional Leaderships did not like very much Hariri having an eye on these areas, especially that if he were to develop such properties, immense benefits for the area would ensue, with thousands of jobs at stake and economic development for an area desperate for investment and jobs. Had he succeeded in getting these projects off the ground, Rafic Hariri would have threatened the local traditional Sunni leaders of Tripoli, and his hegemonistic leadership on the Sunnis in Lebanon would have been almost complete.... but Rafic refused to play ball with the Americans and he wanted to develop that particular airport himself and turn it into a major international tourist hub, after building huge projects in the area . In order to protect his new "turf" and his potential Mega-investments in the North Lebanon, he resorted to a dangerous tactic, traditional to his Saudi Mentors.... Extreme Sunni local tribes, "turned Jihadists" in order to scare overseas investors and "Imperial Hubris" ["just like what he did to Bechtel, in the early 1990s... When BECHTEL tried to POKE into his SOLIDAIRE..."] from poking in his projected new investment territories, and keep everyone away from the "prize"....the end result is what we see today in the North Of Lebanon, in Nahr Al-Bared and in all of the areas stretching from Jubeil, all the way to Kleiat and Akkar....[ watch and learn from the New Hollywoodian long Film, Unfold in front of your very eyes...]The American Hubris will have none of that... Rafic is "smoked" and Saad becomes a tool of the Neocons...

Syrian military intelligence, the main subversive arm of the White House's CIA/MOSSAD Murder INC. & their "agent" regime in Lebanon, has launched a campaign in Syrian, Lebanese and Persian Gulf media to OUT the Israeli/CIA agent Fouad Siniora, finally, as an agent of the Israeli Mossad for decades, which is a well known fact to us, since 1997... at least....In a tale in various websites, blogs and news papers, he is denounced as spying for Israel for 34 years. His controller is named as Lt. Col. Aharon Goldbard. The Syrian sources try to pin on them both the intrigue to murder former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri three years ago.Damascus also sees Mossad machinations in the Syrian army.... Defense minister Gen. Hassan Turkemani has told army officers to beware because, “The Mossad has been able to penetrate the officer elite with gifts of satellite telephones linked to Israeli spy satellites.sources report: The Assad regime has been maneuvering to OUT the Lebanese Mossad Agent, Fouad Sannioura, for approving an international tribunal to prosecute the plotters of the Hariri murder, suspicions of which reach high up in the White House's CIA/MOSSAD Murder INC. & their "agent" regime .To lend verisimilitude to their facts, Syrian military intelligence casts them with details. The Siniora-Mossad conspiracy has been uncovered when Syrian agents identified the Lebanese prime minister’s purported controller as Col. Goldbard, who is said to have served the Mossad from 1970 to 1989 as a headhunter for agents in Lebanon.He is described as entering Lebanon with a French passport No. 84/33455, .The Israeli colonel is described as having first got together with Siniora at a Mt. Lebanon avenue in 1974. After he was recruited, the story runs, the Lebanese stooge traveled to Greece, was flown secretly to Israel and underwent training at a special Mossad facility for senior agents, in Herzliah. He has since become one of the most important intelligence assets Israel has ever acquired in the Arab world, according to the Syrian sources.....of the White House's CIA/MOSSAD Murder INC. & their "agent" regime in Damascus, Courtesy of ASSEF SHAWKAT , BUSHRA ASSAD, Maher ASSAD...and their stooges in Lebanese INTEL circles, Jamil Al-Sayyed, Raymond AZAR etc... This Enterprise of MURDER answers to ELLIOTT ABRAMS... and is protected in Lebanon by General ALI JABER..., ELIAS El-MURR and General Michel Suleiman....Moose Head,....CIA Stooges par excellence.... DGSE, desperate for a piece of the "action" disclosed the details of his "vrai, Faux, Passeport, made in "Poitiers"... as a sort of BLACKMAIL..."à la Française"...

Congratulations CIA.... Your Murder Laundry now, is "worthy"
in the Middle East's long record of Assassinations....made in
The one called White House Murder Inc.

ASSEF SHAWKAT murdered Imad Moughnieh yesterday
in Damascus, courtesy of Mitsubishi Corporation's well
"rounded" specially designed SEATS, delivered in time,
and with great Taste.... In order for Assef Shawkat to
"present" his credentials, Officially... to his Masters
in CIA's Langley, and Herzliah's MOSSAD and Israel.
Assef Shawkat is now the Official representative of
Elliott Abrams in Damascus SYRIA. Congratulations
ASSEF, and Bushra.
Now, the 241 Marines, William F. Buckley, and many others,
like Colonel Higgins, Robert Stethem, etc. can rest in Peace....
and the French DRAKAR occupants, RIP, 25 years later.....


L’assassinat de Hariri , trois ans après....
Fevrier 16, 2008

{* That's exactly what the White House Murder INC. wants......]

Le 7 mai 2005, le Général Michel Aoun rentrait au Liban après plus de 15 ans d’exil français. Ce jour là symbolisait le triomphe d’un peuple qui a résisté et de son leader qui a consacré ses années à œuvrer pour la libération du Liban des forces d’occupation syriennes réalisant ainsi un rêve qui paraissait inaccessible.
L’autre triomphe de Michel Aoun était le ralliement de la quasi-totalité du peuple libanais à ses thèses souverainistes, manifesté le 14 mars de cette année là par une manifestation monstre qui a rassemblé près du tiers des libanais sur la place du centre ville de Beyrouth et précipité ainsi le départ de l’armée syrienne.

A son arrivée, avant de rencontrer la marée humaine qui l’attendait, Michel Aoun a tenu à déposer deux gerbes ; l’une devant le monument du soldat inconnu et l’autre devant la tombe du premier ministre assassiné Rafic Hariri. Le Général ne s’était pas trompé. Il savait que cet assassinat avait été le catalyseur qui a rassemblé la Nation et enfoncé le dernier clou dans le cercueil de l’occupation syrienne du Liban. Il considérait, comme tous les libanais, que le martyre de Hariri appartenait au peuple entier, un des socles sur lesquels pourrait s’ériger l’union sacrée de la nation.

Cependant, forte fut notre déception de ne pas voir nos compatriotes proches des Hariri nous rejoindre dans cette démarche nationale et ne pas accompagner le Général dans ce moment historique.
Les actions politiques qui ont suivi, des législatives à la dissolution du Conseil Constitutionnel en passant par la constitution du gouvernement, n’ont fait que confirmer nos craintes. En effet, cette même équipe qui avait le pouvoir à l’ombre des syriens ne pensait qu’à le garder. Elle n’a fait que retourner sa veste après cet odieux assassinat et user de tous les moyens, fussent-ils illégaux et contraires à l’intérêt supérieur de la nation pour éliminer ses adversaires.

Trois ans après la disparition du premier ministre Hariri, la note de la « majorité » au pouvoir est particulièrement salée.

Sur le plan politique, l’équipe au pouvoir a décidé de gouverner le pays en toute illégalité, tournant le dos à la constitution et loin de soucier des revendications de près de deux tiers du peuple. Son motus vivendi reste l’arrogance et l’exclusion. Le mépris qu’elle exprime envers des composantes majeures de la société libanaise démontre son incompétence et l’irrespect de la démocratie consensuelle qui régit la vie politique au Liban et garantit sa paix civile. D’ailleurs, l’impasse de la présidentielle libanaise n’est que le reflet de cette politique d’hégémonie et d’accaparation du pouvoir que la majorité applique depuis 2005.

Sur le plan sécuritaire, ce gouvernement démontre son incapacité totale à assurer la sécurité des citoyens libanais. Malgré le soutien politique et logistique exceptionnel des gouvernements occidentaux ainsi que l’intervention des services de renseignements les plus performants au monde, il reste incapable d’apporter un éclairage sur les attentats qui ont secoué le pays et fait de nombreux victimes parmi les personnalités et les civils, même ceux perpétrés en plein jour par des individus à visage découvert.

Mais c’est surtout l’avenir du pays qui parait actuellement menacé avec l’équipe au pouvoir. Les chefs de la « majorité » commencent à tenir, l’un après l’autre, un langage de guerre et menacent de mettre le pays à feu et à sang. Cette majorité n’hésitera sûrement pas à brûler le Liban sur l’autel de ses intérêts et ceux de ses mentors, au service de leurs projets machiavéliques.

Face à la main tendue, nous avons essuyé l’exclusion. A la place des bruits des pas des manifestants pacifiques de mars 2005 nous commençons à entendre le bruit des bottes.

Face à la perspective d’entente et de paix que nous prônons, nous sommes confrontés à la logique de rupture et de guerre.

Trois ans après, l’assassinat de Rafic Hariri n’est plus qu’un moment tragique de plus qu’a vécu notre pays, la coalition au pouvoir l’ayant vidé de toute sa symbolique nationale et ôté tout espoir de bâtir un avenir commun basé sur le respect et la confiance.

*Trois ans après, cette coalition ne réclame plus la vérité sur l’assassinat de l’ancien premier ministre mais *l’élection d’un nouveau président. Ce qui veut tout dire…....